noa* combines asian touches with contemporary accents at sirena hotel

Silena hotel by noa*: Alps meet Asia

At the far end of Valler Tal in Italy, No* (Network of Architecture) rejuvenated Silena hotelcombines classical elements and ambiances from the Asian world with contemporary accents. Through the design, the architects sought to bring together two distant cultures in a concept that radiates intimacy and tranquility. Touches of Asian heritage as well as nuances from the surrounding marsh landscape are reflected throughout the hotel in both material and color composition.

Echoes of Asia begin on arrival with a newly designed entrance where guests pass through a round wooden portal crafted according to a technique that captures the charm of traditional craftsmanship. outside the entrance, renovation it also sees six new suites and a wellness area neatly juxtaposed with existing facilities.

The pool is covered with bare black concrete steps reminiscent of volcanic stone.

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architects they turned the entrance into a kind of tunnel that takes visitors to the main building. The gaze is free to flee along the axis running from the northern entrance to the southern conservatory. To further accentuate the welcome, the walls of the entryway are painted black using a rough trowel technique with a mineral surface. Wandering in seclusion, the references to Asia are subtle but ubiquitous, manifesting themselves in the form of dark oak paired with shades of blue and gray, delicate pine bonsai trees in ceramic pots, vertical boulders of local stone, and individual lantern-shaped lights throughout. project. Also, the entire wall is devoted to Tibetan prayer wheels.

Sharp lines create a sophisticated atmosphere and add a lively serenity to the space, while rustic elements are seamlessly combined with wood and minimalist touches. “Stube and the tearoom are separated only by a thin door frame: they seem to make visible the transition between Silena’s origins and its future.” At Noa* (Architecture Network) he mentions Christian Rottensteiner, the Project Chief Architect.noa* combines asian touches with contemporary accents at sirena hotel

blurring the boundaries between inside and outside

The façade of the building provides privacy and transforms the terraces into a semi-private space. Guests experience a pleasant feeling of seclusion while enjoying the immersive view of the surrounding landscape. All custom furnishings and floors of the hotel’s six new suites are made of oak, reflecting the charm of local nature. Each suite features a bathtub, small flower beds and a small outdoor garden with curtains evoking the symbolic elements of the culture’s rich origins.

Each room is distinguished by its dimensions and furnishings, but they are all connected by a unifying design and concept. “Everything depends on the floor: the bed, the tea ceremony platform, the meditation corner – while standing in the room there is always a podium situation that shifts the center of gravity down. So you are firmly rooted in the ground.” Explains Christian Rottensteiner.

The Asian theme continues in the top floor wellness area, inspired by the Onsen hot springs. The relaxation area includes a relaxation area, showers for traditional purification rituals and an outdoor pool maintained at a constant 40 degrees. Covered with bare black concrete steps reminiscent of volcanic stone, the design creates a striking texture with nature as a backdrop. The water flowing over the edge of the infinity pool ripples on the rough concrete surface, creating captivating reflections that enhance Sirena’s tranquil atmosphere.

noa* combines asian touches with contemporary accents at sirena hotel
The outdoor pool offers visitors a fascinating experience against the backdrop of nature.

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