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Massive-Verse at Image Comics expands once again. Kyle Higgins (glossy black), Brian Buccalato (Chicken Giantl) and the artist Geraldo Borges (night wingThey create a new array called ). NOBODY. This new series is designed to be a “‘true crime’ style superhero drama” and has aired ten issues. Sounds great and preview pages look great!

The Richard Roe murders shocked the city of Pittsburgh. In the months since then, the murders have sparked a dangerous political movement, of copycat killers and a masked vigilante still determined to hold the powerful to account. It’s not a symbol. Not a hero. They can be anyone. They are NOTHING/ONE.

This is pretty exciting! Again, NOBODY It will be a little different from the other titles on Massive-Verse, as there will be an original companion podcast titled each month. Who is NO/ONE?. The podcast will be directed by Higgins and produced with sound supervision by Higgins’ Black Market Narrative. Matthew E TaylorEdit by Alec Siegeland scoring Christopher Carter (Beyond Batman). will be a star Rachel Leigh Cook (That’s All) and Patton Oswalt (Minor Threats) as reporters for Pittsburgh Ledger, Julia Paige, and Teddy Barstow, respectively. Each new episode will have special posters. Mark Englert It will be offered as “podcast variant” covers.

If that’s not enough, there will also be an interactive alternate reality game narration that works on in-universe social media accounts, websites, and more. You’ll want to follow and subscribe to these lists:

Speaking to io9 about Massive-Verse and NO/ONE, Higgins said:

I left my job as sound editor in 2011 to write Batman, Nightwing, and Deathstroke for DC Comics. Now, twelve years later, I couldn’t be more excited to return to my old roots for my next series on Massive-Verse. Brian, Geraldo and I – along with a host of great collaborators – will explore the issues of our time in the environments of our time, the cycles of news, politics, and entertainment that dominate so much of our lives. This is our ultra-contemporary approach to a city outlaw. Similar to Radiant Black, we’re excited to push the boundaries of a modern superhero experience.

Buccellato added:

I’m excited that people are getting a chance to dive into our cross-media comics experience because NO/ONE isn’t just a grounded superhero crime story. I’ve been working in comics for close to 30 years, and I can safely say that this series is unlike anything I’ve been a part of before. The world-building, allegory and multimedia experience brings a new level of immersion not only to superheroes but to the ideas of accountability and vigilance in modern society.

Borges’ post:

I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the heroes of my childhood, such as Batman and Wolverine, for nearly 20 years. But now I have the chance to build something from scratch and tell a modern, original story with Kyle and Brian. NO/ONE is both a true crime story with great mystery and much more. I’m advancing my art in a direction I’ve never done before in comics—I can’t find the words to describe how excited I am for people to see what we’re doing.

Fans can read NOBODY #1 at local comics stores or preferred outlets on March 15. The main cover features art by Borges, with variants available, with art by Englert and more.

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