nike brings to life RTFKT’s sneaker NFTs

RTFKT and NIKE launch ‘Cryptokicks iRL’ sneaker collection

Web 3 company known for their digital avatars RTFKT Studios and virtual universe The collection has announced that its latest creation will be presented in a physical form. sneakers To collect. Recently acquired by Nikecollaborated with the brand parent company run Cryptokicks iRLa futuristic shoe line that brings the signature sneaker NFTs To life.

“Currenting Nike’s culture of innovation, Cryptokicks iRL is the first state-of-the-art native Web 3 sneaker that combines decades of Nike Sneaker innovation with RTFKT’s vision to bridge the digital and physical worlds.” writes on the digital studio official website.

‘Space Matter’ color group | all videos and images courtesy of RTFKT

auto-connect, customizable lights, wireless charging and more

For those unfamiliar with Cryptokicks, they are customizable digital shoes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is unique and can be purchased as Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Collaborating with Nike, RTFKT Studio is able to bring these virtual designs to the real world by launching the first physical collection of Cryptokicks.

As stated in the RTFKTs official websiteThe real-life Cryptokicks offer a host of impressive features, including a lacing system that automatically adjusts for a comfortable, pre-programmed fit shortly after you start walking. In addition, the shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing the wearer to choose different colors and animations to illuminate while walking. Each pair of Cryptokicks comes with a wireless Power Deck that can be connected via Bluetooth to the Cryptokicks iRL app. The sneakers are equipped with RTFKT’s latest WM (World Merge) NFC chip, which allows users to authenticate each physical copy with its digital counterpart to verify legitimacy.

‘Ice’ color group

RTFKT and Nike will launch Cryptokicks iRL in four color sets: Blackout, Ice, Stone and Space Matter. The color group distribution of the sneakers, which will be limited to 19,000 pieces, will be determined according to the preferences of the collectors. They will be sold as digital collectibles (NFTs) that use their physical counterparts, in a process RTFKT calls forgings.

Lace Engine NFT owners will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Cryptokicks iRL sneakers from December 12-16. 7-9 December non-NFT holders can sign up for a raffle on the RTFKT website. They will then be able to purchase the remaining pairs on December 14, as long as not all stock has been sold from the first sale. Final prices from ETH will be adjusted based on the ETH/USD value on the day it was minted.

nike brings RTFKT's sneaker NFTs to life with 'cryptokicks iRL' line
“Stone” color group

nike brings RTFKT's sneaker NFTs to life with 'cryptokicks iRL' line
“Blackout” color group

project information:

name: Cryptokicks iRL
designer: RTFKT
together: Nike

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06 December 2022

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