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As we movie buffs, Nicolas Cage If you want to see John the carpenter direct another movie one day. It’s been 12 years since Carpenter made a feature film with the 2010 psychological horror thriller. Ward. Since then, he mostly plays video games and composes music.

Cage and Carpenter gave a speech that was recently featured on Document, during which Carpenter described Cage as “The bravest actor I know. You try things, you don’t stop.” Continued:

“This is incredible. It’s a new movie with a new idea and a new character, and there it is again. It goes there one more time. I mean, you like to live on the edge of this performance thing. I put it there. I just stay in my box. I’m having fun here.”

At this point, Cage said, “I see. But it would be great to see more of your movies, you know?

Carpenter explains that he is now making music, and the conversation leads Cage to tell Carpenter that he wants himself to be a “Complete Filmmaker”:

“I think more directors should learn from what you do. Jerry Lewis always used to say to me, ‘I want you to be the Total Filmmaker.’ And to be a Total Filmmaker you have to write your own music, act, direct. What you do is closer to Total Filmmaker than most, he knows. Are you? But now you have to play the lead role.”

Cage then raises the issue that it’s time for him to start giving back in some way, and he talked about doing a lesson, saying: “I used to do it very Socratic. I wouldn’t be one of those guys who is a teacher’s tyrant. I would ask them questions. I would make this an open speech. And I would get into the different things I tried that helped me get there.

Carpenter later responded with the idea of ​​founding a Nicolas Cage University, which he seemed more passionate about than making films. said:

“I like it. What can we do if you want to cheat with me, we can do something like Trump University. We can do Nicolas Cage University. What do you think?”

He added that they could make some money out of people, and while Cage said he wasn’t really ready for Nicolas Cage University, Carpenter told him, “I want you to think about Nicolas Cage University. I want you to think about that.”

They’re obviously having some fun with each other, but I’m sure there are some people who would jump at the opportunity to attend Nicolas Cage University! Would you?

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