NFL Nation Fantasy Fallout – What to do with Zay Jones

Our NFL Nation reporters answer fantasy football questions every Tuesday throughout the NFL season. Here’s what they had to say after Week 12.

What do you think the target distribution looks like between DeAndre Hopkins, Rondale Moore and Marquise Brown when all three are active?

If I had to rank them, it would be Hopkins, Brown and Moore. It may not look like this in real time because defenses start to cover Hopkins from the start, leaving Brown and Moore open sooner. It’s hard to give the three a percentage, but Hopkins and Brown have closer percentages than Moore, who plays more down the scrimmage than the other two. Brown is more skilled at making bigger plays than the other two, so he may not see as many balls as Hopkins or Moore, but his influence may be greater. And then there’s Hopkins, the undisputed Cardinals favorite in WR1. It can launch an attack on its own (which it has) and this can easily lead to 10 or 12 targets (sometimes even more), especially if the other two keep up. — Josh Weinfuss

One thing or nothing: Isaiah McKenzie sees twice as many goals as Gabe Davis and leads the team in scoring (96 yards) on Thanksgiving in Detroit.

It’s one thing, but more for McKenzie than Davis. McKenzie went through a slower process, playing six games with no more than 50 receiving yards, but 96 receiving yards on 10 goals and six receptions in addition to a touchdown against the Lions was a step in the right direction. Coach Sean McDermott said McKenzie had trained well for two weeks before the game and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Bills continued to include him against a Patriots team he had been successful with last year. Davis has seen consistent goals and will continue with a series of injuries, especially in position. — Alaina Getzenberg

The tight end is a difficult spot to fill. Are you buying Hayden Hurst (nine tied goals for team lead) as a viable option when Ja’Marr Chase returns?

I’m selling. Hurst’s target share was variable throughout the season. In the past six weeks, Hurst has beaten five goals only twice. While QB Joe Burrow plays better against his Cover 2 appearance than he did earlier in the season, it’s hard to start Hurst with any production credibility. He’s a vertical threat and can play tricks on the pass game, so anyone looking for a TE might find worse options on the waiver wire. — I’m Baby

Michael Gallup saw his season-high eight goals at Thanksgiving. Will he be able to regain anything close to his 2019 form seeing as he has surpassed 1,100 receiving yards?

After his Thanksgiving win against the New York Giants, Gallup said he overcame the mental block in his return from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. His play in the last two games certainly shows that. Makes difficult catches when surrounded by defenders. And Dak Prescott trusts him. The Cowboys’ best deep ball threat with the ability to rise above a defender. It took him a while to regain his form, but his timing couldn’t be better. The Cowboys need this game from Gallup whether they add Odell Beckham Jr. or not, especially as CeeDee Lamb, whose two 100-yard games in the last three games, is starting to warm up. — Todd Archer

With 19 catches in the last two games for Zay Jones, is it safe to call him a PPR factor the rest of the way?

Unless, of course, you expect nine catches each week. Jones has a career-high 58 catches so far this season, but 28 of those catches came in three games. Still, he had at least five goals in 10 of the Jaguars’ 11 games, surpassing Marvin Jones Jr. as the Jaguars’ #2 receiver after Christian Kirk (although Jones actually had two more catches than Kirk). — Michael DiRocco

If Rhamondre Stevenson has had a full season as leader, what do you predict for carry and catch totals (more than six catches in four of his last five games)?

Stevenson played 68.4% of the offensive snaps. Since Week 2, he’s had 40 or more snaps in every game but one. So that gives a good basis for projecting his numbers all season — give him 240 shots, 1,200 rushing pitches and 75-80 reception ranges. Bill Belichick gushed about the dramatic growth rate since his arrival in April 2021. Mike Reiss

With under 55 quick yards in three quarters and under 15 quarters receiving yards for Saquon Barkley, do you think heavy use early in the season is a concern for the fantasy playoffs?

Not exactly. Barkley’s recent downfall probably has more to do with his mess on the offensive line than his heavy work rate. If anything, Barkley should have seen a small boost post-bye. Instead, there has been a struggle, but not because there was no explosion. This is because he has nowhere to run with teams selling to stop him. — Jordan Raanan

Let’s say it’s Mike White for the rest of the regular season. Give us a Garrett Wilson projection (captures, yards, tank destroyers) for the last six games.

Mike Evans has three games in a row and seven games without scoring with under 55 receiving yards. Should fantasy managers hesitate before locking Evans into the forward rosters?

Three games in a row now with overwhelming efficiency for Derrick Henry (64 shots for 178 yards). Is this cause for concern or just a bump in the road?

Henry has had a tough double game, while center Ben Jones has suffered a concussion in the past two weeks. Without Jones, Henry was his second-lowest average in three seasons, averaging 0.8 yards per scrimmage before his first contact against the Bengals on Sunday. Two weeks ago Henry averaged 0.9 yards per scrimmage before last week’s touchdown against the Packers. He finished just 38 yards in 17 shots against the Bengals. This was the second-lowest total for Henry when he made at least 15 moves in a game. Henry is currently averaging a career-low 1.70 yards per run before touch this season, and is ranked 49th out of 53 runners who qualified for average yards before touch this season. — Turron Davenport

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