New Year’s resolutions for 2023 based on your zodiac sign

As we enter the new year, thoughts are turning to all the ways that we will open a new page in 2023 and leave our bad habits that we have not yet completely overcome.

From healthy eating habits and exercise regimens to career changes and travel plans, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, but your horoscope can help.

Your horoscope traits and planetary movement over the next 12 months can guide you in which areas you should concentrate on to reap the most rewards.

Here, astrologers give advice on the decisions you should make based on your zodiac sign.


“You’re a hot and driven sign, but you struggle to go the distance,” says famed psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman (, so as an Aries you can find and give up a lot of decisions. all in a few days

“This year’s resolution is to stick with one thing all year,” he continues, and the choice is yours.

“It could be taking a daily supplement or keeping a diary – change is not important, but sticking to it is important.


Things are looking good for Taurus in 2023 after a busy year.

“The supreme benevolent teacher Jupiter will enter Taurus on May 16, where he will spend the rest of the year,” says astrologer Bex Milford aka Cosmic Cures (

“Jupiter brings confidence and fertility, uniting us with an optimistic sense of enthusiasm.”

Take advantage of this optimism to set new career goals, she advises: “Your decision is to embrace authority, step out of your comfort zone – it’s not always easy for the stubborn bull – and prioritize chasing your dreams.”


For the “friendly and friendly” Gemini, it’s time to focus on romantic relationships, Honigman says: “If you could change anything about yourself, it would be to concentrate on one person in your life.”

Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for love, you must decide to avoid distracting flirtations.

“Plan a regular date night, ask your partner what’s on their to-do list, and make sure your phone is in flight mode when you’re around,” she advises. “Actually, an hour a day without a phone would be a good Gemini decision in and of itself.”


The timing of next year’s eclipses is a coincidence for hardworking Cancerians, says Milford: “Since solar eclipses are overloaded new moons, you’re given a cosmic impulse to climb the career ladder and decide what it is you really want to celebrate.”

Questions to ask yourself are: “What will your legacy be? How about a harmonious balance of work and home life? If you are planning a major move or renovation in your living space, 2023 is also an ideal year to make it a priority.”


It’s time for confident Leos to deal with their hidden fears.

“Your most helpful New Year’s resolution will be to do the things that scare you,” says Honigman. “Singing in public, trying a new sport, leaving the house without makeup.”

There’s a lot to gain by stepping out of your comfort zone, he adds. “If you’re confident you can do the hard stuff, it makes you more confident. And the only way to know is to do it.”


The new moons next year signal that it’s time for Virgos to get serious about finances.

“If you’re planning to start a new business, pay off debts, or focus on investing, 2023 is a good sign for money-focused decisions,” Milford says.

“Finally, it’s also a good year to take that long-distance vacation or invest in a higher education course, giving you opportunities for learning and adventure.”


Your New Year’s resolution for Perfectionist Libras should be to push yourself and try to find the glimmer of hope even in difficult situations.

“If you miss the flight, take the opportunity to explore the perfume shop at the airport and relax while the ground crew finds you a new ride,” says Honigman.

“If you get some mud on your arms, curl them up. Accept the flaws and you’ll be a happier, colder version of your already perfect self.”


Jupiter’s movement means romance is in the air for Scorpios next year.

“If you’re single and ready to mingle, promise yourself that you’ll prioritize being open to love,” says Milford.

“If you’ve already been together, focus on expanding your relationship – can you take things to the next level, go on a trip, or re-promise each other in some way?”


For adventurous Sagittarius, your determination must be to make solid plans and stay organized.

“Buy early-booking tickets, get discounted prices, and enjoy the anticipation of travel by planning all the fun things to do,” says Honigman.

“This decision will save you the last-minute fight for overpriced tickets and give you something to look forward to.”


“This is going to be a year for a little more fun,” Milford says, so you should consider satisfying your inner child’s desires and make decisions fun rather than serious.

“How can you welcome lightness in life and perhaps get back to a hobby you once enjoyed? By prioritizing self-actualization, you can effortlessly fit other things in life.


“Your kindness and humanity are also your biggest burdens because you prioritize other people’s needs over your own,” says Honigman.

To find a better balance, your ideal New Year’s resolution should “let you be yourself and put yourself first, but also remembering the infinite generosity of your soul. Before you agree to make any further commitments, decide to meet your own needs.”


Bring that “back to school” feeling into the New Year by enrolling in a class or dedicating it to a self-taught hobby.

“What talent or skill would you like to add to your resume?” Milford asks.

“Decide to learn something brand new in 2023. This is also the time to consider quitting this addictive habit or throwing out something – or someone – that no longer serves you.”

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