New update turns your Google Nest into a Matter control center

It took a while, but we finally see item standard deploy to various smart home devices. And this time, it’s coming to a Google Nest near you.

A total of eight devices will receive the update, and all will double as central hubs for controlling other Matter devices. according to the announcement. (opens in new tab) you have the original google home speaker, home mini, Slot Mini, Slot SoundNest Hub (first and second generation), Nest Hub Maxand Nest Wifi Pro. Devices that support the item can connect to any of the eight devices via Wi-Fi or Thread, a wireless standard that offers “low power connectivity”. In fact, the second-generation Nest Hub, Hub Max, and WiFi Pro are also getting an update that allows them to serve the same. Topic Limit routers to control other Thread devices. Additionally, Quick Match on Android is being updated so that mobile devices can quickly connect to Matter.

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