New Acoustic EP, Classless Act On ‘Storm Before The Calm’ Video Premiere

2022 has been a pivotal year for LA rock quintet Classless Act.

After their spring meeting with blues rockers Dorothy, the band presented their debut album. welcome to the show A long-awaited release in June, thanks to delays caused by the pandemic.

Just a week before the album’s release, the band leapt onto America’s biggest stages, joining Joan Jett, Poison, Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard on “The Stadium Tour” as the opening act of their eighth-grossing tour of 2022.

Today, Classless Act is releasing their latest project Welcome to the Acoustic Show.

The new EP, now available through Better Noise Music, features a set of five specially reworked acoustic tracks and studio videos highlighting an entirely different side of the band.

The recordings show Classless Act taking a dramatic step forward, showcasing the musicianship that lies at the heart of otherwise noisy songs while focusing on gorgeous vocal harmonies.

“It was good for us to show another side of ourselves – how much more musical can we be. And to show our style. It was a good idea and it was really fun,” said bassist Franco Gravante, who mixed the new album. “Doing acoustics like that is like being naked. There weren’t many recordings. And that was a good thing. Sometimes you feel the need to fix things, but not with that.”

“There are no echoes. That’s why it was difficult. But I am very happy that we succeeded,” added vocalist Derek Day. “We recorded on Sunset Sound. That’s where Prince recorded it. So there’s this magic. And I felt so grateful to be a part of it. It felt really good.”

On stage and in the studio, Classless Act recalls a bygone era by fully grasping the special feeling that can be captured in the right studio despite the ease of recording at home today.

Sunset Sound has captured the sound of early Disney movies such as: Mary Poppinslater The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds), Janis Joplin (pearl), Doors (Doors, Strange Days) and Van Halen (Van Halen and Van Halen III), has set more than 200 gold records since 1958.

For Welcome to the Acoustic Show sessions, Classless Act took refuge in studio 2 to work at home. Led Airship IV.

The “Storm Before the Calm” video, premiered by Forbes below, finds the band at their home on Sunset Boulevard, where lush harmonies combine with delicate instrumentation to drive the band’s new, unplugged approach to the track.

“We are a very musical group. We like to show this side,” said Gravante. “And a good song is a good song. So if you can play acoustics to get five people in a room to do it, I think that’s the most important part,” said the bassist.

“We worked together [producer] Joe Chiccarelli. He worked with Alanis Morissette and Morrissey. So he knows how to turn and flip some knobs. He brought that piece back to life. “So I think we got a really good idea,” the singer said of her approach to “Storm Before the Calm.” “This was a good track. There was a lot of work. Franco did all the background vocals. Everything you hear in the choir is Franco’s background vocals. And I respect that. This is a shooter.

Last month, Classless Act embraced the holiday spirit with their new song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and they’re now in the middle of their “Greatest Tour of the Year” with Texas, which includes both headline dates and shows. based rockers Giovannie and The Hired Guns run through December and culminate with a New Year’s Eve performance in San Diego.

After “The Stadium Tour,” Day also appeared in the Los Angeles staging of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts and joined Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and the Foo Fighters in a couple of Mötley Crüe covers. to the venue for sound control with his more famous counterparts.

“On the phone with Nikki ‘How do I get in here? I’m in a white Prius. Get me into the building!’ Had to pass the phone Nikki told a security guard, ‘Let this guy in! He’s making a song!’ That’s why he came to the rescue,” Day remembered with a laugh. “Dave Grohl… He’s like the nicest, sweetest person on the planet. And it’s working. He is working. He played almost every song that night – minus five because of Queen. It was intense,” said Day, and gave an epic concert of 53 songs. “So Dave is the man. Working with Pat Smear and the other guys from Foo Fighters, it’s all so sweet. It felt euphoric. It was great.”

As Classless Act returns to more intimate venues in this updated livestream, both Gravante and Day focus on rock’s most unique quality: unpredictable entertainment.

“We are working on the set for the main series shows. I think there will be a few surprises there. We’re working really hard to surprise and play with the fans,” said Gravante.

“It is very strange to play in stadiums and then play in a club. They are very different. This is another beast. And it’s crazy in terms of sound,” added Day. “But we’re always there and we always want everyone to enjoy the show – because we’re enjoying it! So have fun!”

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