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Power Rangers It was a big part of my childhood and I’ve always had a love for the original Saban Period characters. when the news of his death came Jason David Frank, it was monumental. My family members sent me condolences for the effect the show had on my life. Frank played the most famous Power Ranger: Tommy Oliver. He was a Ranger on several different teams and even served as a mentor. Plus, he came back a few times for special moments. In honor of Frank’s passing, I wanted to share a list of my favorite moments and other things about the iconic Tommy. These are in no particular order and be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

Evilly Green

This was Tommy Oliver’s entry into the series. We see him at a martial arts tournament with Jason (Austin St. John) there is a really great fight. Then, Tommy’s performance impressed Rita to the point where she brainwashed Rita and gave her Dragon Power Coins, making her the strongest enemy the Rangers had ever had to deal with. Eventually, the Rangers are able to free Tommy from Rita’s spell, and he becomes a valuable asset to the team. This one is so iconic and so well done it should be included in this list.

Show as White Ranger

in its first season Power Rangers Great War, Tommy loses his powers and Zordon can provide a Band-Aid to fix them temporarily. However, Zedd eventually uses the Green Crystal to permanently free Tommy from the Green Ranger’s powers. Tommy’s departure from the show was a sad moment for fans. It was also sad for the other Rangers because they had to fight Zedd without a sixth Ranger. I watched White Light as a kid when it first aired, and at the end of the first episode, Billy’s (David Yost) runs into Zordon and Alpha while doing something secret. What followed was the follow-up episode where the White Ranger appeared, and then, as White Ranger said, the thrilling announcement that Tommy was back was absolutely unbelievable. For this moment alone, this will always be the most important moment.

Return of Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder it came out when i was in middle school and i finally started to lose interest in watching it Power Rangers. Then Disney announced that Frank would be returning as Tommy Oliver, and I had to check it out. It was great for my younger self to not only return but see him in the role of mentor instead of Power Ranger. Then a few episodes back he became a Ranger and that was incredible.

“warlike spirit”

An episode of Fighting Spirit dinosaur thunder This is a fan favourite. The main story follows Tommy in a coma after he convinces Haley to try something new to save him from his transfigured state (that’s a bit of a long story). While in this coma, Tommy has a dream in which he must battle the Green, White, and Zeo Red versions of himself. This is not only a great fight, but also a great metaphor about fighting your inner demons. You can watch the full episode now on YouTube!

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