modern primitive interiors reinterpret the romantic sensibilities of 17th century history paintings

21st century interpretation of 17th century romance

Theo C. Domini’s conceptual series MEDICI invokes the imagination of 17th century historical paintings depicting young and aspiring artists on their journeys across Europe. Conceptual digital visualizations imagine 21st century architectural interiors reinterpreting the studios and private rooms of ambitious artists who have toured the continent with The Grand Tour on an enriching journey in search of inspiration, education and training.

The embroidery reveals a minimalist, almost primitive rustic rooms Free from any embellishments to create a relaxing space for rest and seclusion, it prompts residents to invoke their imaginations for introspection. Dark wood The spaces create a sense of intimacy and Romance, with large empty rooms illuminated only by soft flashes of light.

Medici by Theo Domini and William Guillon

Seeking inspiration for his series, Theo C. Domini looks at portraits of artists traveling in 17th-century Italy, including a portrait of French painter Louis Vincent Leon Pallière by Jean Alaux in his bedroom/studio at Roman Villa Medici. Created in 1817, the scene captures the segregated sense of intimacy and Romanticism, with the artist longingly playing his instrument against a picturesque natural backdrop surrounded by just a few of the cultural finds that adorn the walls.

The sparse interiors of 17th-century paintings, devoid of ostentatious ornaments, mark an unexpected juxtaposition with the flamboyant connotations of The Grand Tour. Images are captured a balance between the superior influence of the environment that [the artist]and a certain distance that allows an experience with ourselves to be supported,’ Dominique writes.

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Architect cooperates with designer William Guillon for creating interiors that capture a similar sensibility. Rustic, minimalist interiors isolate the minds of residents from distractions, and the complete absence of ornament pushes them to introspect on an inner journey. Everything is organized around bare necessities that encourage reconnection with a primitive concept of life, furnished in moderation.

The raw beauty of the weatherproof forests, a soft glow of light that illuminates the dark interiors as if seeping through flickering candlelight, and the large renaissance windows encourage contemplation together.“Here, surrounded by very little, the effect of the place makes you think of things differently.”

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modern primitive interiors reinterpret the romantic sensibilities of 17th century history paintings

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Louis Vincent Leon Pallière by Jean Alaux in his bedroom at Villa Medicis (1817)

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project information:

designer: Theo C. Domini and William Guillon

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