Ministry of Interior confirms that 42 migrants have returned to Albania

More than 40 Albanian migrants trying to enter the UK via the English Channel have returned to their home countries after being deported from the UK.

A transport plane carrying 42 people belonging to the Ministry of the Interior was seen landing at Mother Teresa Tirana International Airport in the Albanian capital, after leaving the UK earlier today.

Photos taken at Tirana airport on Thursday show British Border Force officers disembarking people from a plane. The Ministry of the Interior did not immediately respond.Independentcomment request.

Rishi Sunak said last week that the government announced that it would speed up the repatriation of Albanian asylum seekers from the UK.

The new deportation agreement with Albania is part of a five-point plan to reduce small boat crossings across the English Channel, which has doubled in two years.

More than 10,000 Albanians came along this route to seek asylum this year, accounting for nearly a quarter of the record 44,000 people making the dangerous journey along the busy waterway.

More than half of Albania’s asylum requests in the United Kingdom were accepted by September during the year, a Home Secretary told parliament last week.

analysis revealed by Independent It found that 86 percent of Albanians granted asylum in the UK up to June 2022 were women, whose permits were granted on the basis that they were probably trafficked and in genuine need of protection.

Mr. Sunak said in the announcement: “In the coming months, thousands of Albanians will return to their homes and we will continue with weekly flights until all the Albanians have been removed”.

British immigration officers unload a plane at Tirana International Airport in the Albanian capital

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British immigration officers landed a plane at Tirana International Airport in Albania’s capital


He added that “the vast majority” of Albanian citizens arriving in the UK without a visa will be promptly taken to their homeland, which has been designated a “safe country”.

Following Thursday’s dismissal, a source from the Interior Ministry said: MailOnline: ‚ÄúThese Albanian criminals have returned to their own country, where they belong. They have committed serious crimes in the UK and therefore have no right to stay here. The government does not apologize for their dismissal.

“We will continue to put pressure on foreign criminals and those who should no longer be here.”

The government is pushing forward attempts to prosecute more refugees for piloting small boats, despite growing calls for safe and legal alternatives to dangerous crossings.

The Supreme Court ruled this week that asylum seekers could be prosecuted for using their own boats along the Channel, following an earlier ruling that the government’s plan to send refugees to Rwanda was legal.

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