Meghan and Prince Harry’s Netflix Documentary Series: What You Need to Know

PHarry and Meghan Markle’s ongoing quest for media hyphenation will peak in the coming weeks: Harry’s highly anticipated memoirs can’t wait Launching on January 10, Meghan recently featured prominent celebrities and public figures like Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Serena Williams on her podcast. archetypesand Netflix released the first trailer for the six-part documentary series of Duke and Duchess. Harry and Meghan.

The series, directed by Liz Garbus and with a release date yet to be confirmed, looks set to offer an intimate portrait of the couple’s love story and life as they stepped back as working members of the UK royal family and moved to California in early 2020. The synopsis is as follows: “The six-episode series explores the secret days of their first date and the challenges that make them feel compelled to step back from their full-time roles at the agency.”

While little is known about the content of the series, the one-minute-long trailer shows brief black-and-white footage of the couple. These include holiday memories, pixelated selfies, a snapshot of them dancing at their wedding reception, and a photo booth kiss.

The trailer is likely the double of Garbus’s voice, “Why did you want to make this documentary?” As Harry continues to tell her, “I had to do everything in my power to protect my family,” Meghan responds with her own question: “With the kisps so high, wouldn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?”

Here’s what we know so far about the series, and the multimillion-dollar collaboration between streaming giant Netflix and Archewell Productions, founded by Harry and Meghan.

The critically acclaimed filmography of Liz Garbus

Liz Garbus is an American filmmaker best known for her 2015 biographical documentary film. What happened, Miss Simone?Describing the life and activism of musician Nina Simone. The film opened the 2015 Sundance film festival and was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2016 Oscars. Farm: Angola, USA.

Garbus also directed Hulu Season 4 Handmaid’s Tale, this earned him an Emmy nomination in 2021. He also directed the 2020 true crime movie. lost girlsalso HBO’s 2020 true crime documentary series I will enter the darkness.

In June, Page Six Garbus will reportedly take on the Harry and Meghan project after he was spotted with them on a trip to New York last fall. Since then, Meghan has gushed from Garbus’ work and endorsed the documentary in an interview in October. Variation.

“It’s nice to be able to trust someone—an experienced director whose work I’ve long admired—with our story,” Meghan said of Garbus. “But that’s not why we’re telling it. We entrust our story to someone else, and that means the story will go through their eyes.”

How did the couple react to previous reports of a documentary?

The Duke and Duchess have changed their stances several times over the nature of the documentary series and whether that has happened. In September 2020, weeks after Netflix announced their deal, a spokesperson for the couple said they were “not taking part in any reality shows” after reports suggesting that their work would be followed by a documentary flying over a wall for three months.

The couple was seen with film crews several times, and many doubted that such a project existed.

talk to cut In August, Meghan once again denied that the project was a “reality show”. According to writer Allison P. Davis, the duchess greeted questions about the rumored project “with half-answers shrouded in winks, codes, and directions,” before pointing to what Davis described as “the difference between a historical documentary and a reality documentary series.” .

Meghan also told the author why she was being ambiguous, saying, “The funny thing is I’m not trying to be cautious. I don’t read any press. So I don’t know what has been confirmed.”

Previous interviews by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The couple gave a two-hour sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 in which they shared shocking revelations about the British monarchy. The couple talked about racism within the royal family, disagreements between Meghan and Middleton, and the duchess’s struggle with her mental health. They also announced that they are expecting a second baby girl, now known as Lilibet, who was born in June 2021.

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Since then, Prince Harry has done a number of solo interviews. Harry and Oprah join forces again for Apple TV+ mental health documentary series The Me You Can’t See and ahead of the Invictus Games, a sports event he founded for injured veterans, Harry participated in an interview with TODAY in April. He talked about his children, returned to England and saw Queen Elizabeth. She also opened up about her mental health issues.

Meanwhile, Meghan focused on him. archetypes The podcast wraps up its first season with Tuesday’s episodes featuring guests like Mariah Carey, Issa Rae, and Trevor Noah. He also gave an extensive interview. VariationFor the first time since Queen Elizabeth’s death – including a video interview and behind-the-scenes footage of her cover shoot with the broadcast.

Reactions to the trailer

The series is already gaining viral attention. of Netflix Twitter post Sharing the trailer received more than 50,200 likes while her Instagram posts have over 288,400 likes. Not surprisingly, however, criticism from royal commentators and British media figures has already poured in on many, including the broadcaster. Piers Morgan– The Duke and Duchess’s longtime critic – turns to the British tabloids to publish his views.

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