McCarthy demands the January 6 committee keep all records and promise to hold a hearing next year


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to the House selection committee investigating Jan. 6, 2021, demanding it retain all records and transcripts and promising to hold hearings next year on security failures that led to the breach of the U.S. Capitol.

After winning the House majority earlier this month, Republicans have made clear that they will prioritize investigating President Joe Biden and his administration on several fronts. The latest warning from McCarthy, who is vying to be the speaker of the House, indicates that Republicans may also use some of their time in the next Congress to try to rewrite the narrative of the uprising.

Not complying with a subpoena to appear before the committee, McCarthy wrote, “All information collected must be retained not only for corporate privileges but also for transparency to the American people.” “The American people have a right to know that the claims you make are supported by the facts.”

Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson from Mississippi, chair of the House selection committee, told reporters on Wednesday that he had not seen the California Republican’s letter to the committee, but that the panel planned to keep the whole thing. He added that McCarthy “had a chance to have members on the committee, had a chance to come and testify before the committee, so I think the horse left the barn.”

“We will do our job,” Thompson said. We will finish on December 31st. If he wants to do what he wants as a speaker, that’s his choice.”

McCarthy has signaled that he has no interest in forming a Republican-led January 6 election committee, as some on the right have been compelled to do. But McCarthy, who has struggled to lock in the speaker’s vote, is expected to give his members some space to re-sue the Democratic-led elected committee’s investigation. This effort is likely to take place within existing committees.

Earlier this year, Republicans on the House Steering Committee submitted a similar protection request to the election committee and also pledged to continue investigating the January 6 security failures. The House GOP plans to publish its own report on the matter when the selection committee publishes its final report before the end of this year.

Thompson reiterated on Wednesday that the panel not only plans to keep everything, but is ready to make as much public as possible through its final report as soon as the committee gets the report back from the printer.

“A lot depends on when we can get it back after we deliver it to the printer and how that will affect the Christmas holidays,” Thompson said.

Top House Republicans prefer to put January 6 in the rearview mirror, but McCarthy needs to win over harsh critics and make former President Donald Trump happy if he wants to be a speaker — and this group is keen to undermine the committee’s investigation. He painted a goddamn portrait of Trump and his allies.

Meanwhile, members of the selection committee are scheduled to hold an important meeting on Friday to discuss the possibility of impeachment alongside the final report, CNN reported earlier Wednesday.

According to multiple sources, a subcommittee of members is also expected to present the entire committee with options on a number of pressing issues, such as how to present evidence of possible obstruction, possible perjury and possible witness tampering, as well as possible referrals to the Department of Justice. Resources familiar with the work of the committee.

Friday’s meeting will also discuss how to address five Republican lawmakers, including McCarthy, who refused to cooperate with subpoenas.

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