masquespacio’s lynk & co draws on the artistic scenes of barcelona

club-like interiors for a creative car brand

Spanish design studio Masquespacio to get Barcelona creating fun, club-like interiors for mobility brand Lynk & Co. . called the Barcelona Club retail the project was organized as a unique and creative meeting space for those hoping to discover a new mobility concept.

images © Luis Beltran

masquespacio evokes a ‘world of utopia’

this design team Designing the Barcelona Club in Masquespacio Lynk & Co. to evoke a ‘world of utopia’. Responding to its site on Paseo de Gràcia’s main shopping street, the Spanish design studio sought to connect the different artistic districts of the city, known as one of the world’s largest creative centers.

Masquespacio pays homage to the architecture of the existing building, which the team describes as having ‘a brutal style full of flaws’ to create ‘the perfect junction with the style practiced at other Lynk & Co clubs’. The lofty room is occupied by smaller micro-spaces, each inspired by creative themes such as architecture, movies, and music.

masquespacio lynk co

Lynk & co in ‘Barcelona Club’

The design team at Masquespacio explains the many interventions at Club Barcelona for Lynk & Co: “Just at the entrance, you can see a huge castle reflecting the green color. There is nothing traditional in Lynk & Co, Barcelona. The car is made of 3D from the sides in the form of a whale, you will find a light and sound show in the bathrooms that will remind you of your favorite childhood movie.

“In the space above you can find exhibition spaces with sustainable objects selected by Lynk & Co. and unexpected spaces for collaboration, such as the swimming pool behind an old vault that was previously in this space.”

masquespacio lynk co

The team continues: ‘In a nutshell, the new Lynk & Co in Barcelona is a versatile place full of utopias to explore, with a colorful yet sophisticated design that can adapt to any event. Lynk & Co has found the perfect alternative to spend the morning negotiating at the dealership: the nightclub.’

masquespacio lynk co masquespacio lynk co

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