LNH Governors Guild: Gary Bettman refuses to manage series casts

PALM BEACH – « How did you do your favorite thing? »

The biggest question about Commissioner Gary Bettman’s reversal of the core identity of the eliminated series cast.

Bettman assures the system as a true « parfait », as Bettman takes care of 32 teams in the Ligue, while at the same time being a difficult part of the rise of a number of clubs to invitees.

rien de moins

However, plus governors, LNH’s dirigeants des reunion des marge de la derniers jours en marge des derniers jours au cours des gouverneurs croisés croisés qu’il qu’il permettre à plus d’équipes d’équides d’aux.

«Ce n’est pas l’écho que je reçois», a line by Gary Bettman, a fact in which Pierre Lebrun had a real confrontation with a confirmed colleague in Mardi, à RDSThe 12 guverneurs are the most favored in the recent expansion of the series lineups.

Inspired by baseball majeur and basketball in the NBA, executive managers are militants for a rewrite of a system of two clubs invited to association meetings.

Septième, huitième, neuvième and dixième équipes de équipes de équipes de courtes séries are the best places in qualifying courtrooms. Vainqueurs clubs reunite the six déjà competencies. Clubs take part in the chaque section during union or trio premieres. Ce qui coronnerait les is obtained in a successful state.

When a group is regrouped, the clubs are implied in the group sections in accordance with the actual parameters.

A great spectacle of qualifying matches and the generally inspiring proceeds of four-on-one duels fuel the executives’ desire to make the changes they want. Ces gouverneurs reject toutefois dans l’ombre and denied position.

Gouverneurs and managers interests, the best diffusers to profit from matches, as well as the important things at the end of the board season and the best chances to get a fair final result at Gary Bettman d’idée.

Ce qui est loin d’être acquis.

Plafond : hausse d’un million $… minimum!

Income Parlan tends to be exclusive, groomed to Commissioner Gary Bettman, with Prochain’s $1 million salary exceeding $83.5 million.

Cette hausse, LNH and L’Association des joueurs depuis que les deux camps of the besteworké des moyens de colossals of colossals de colossals de des colossals de la COVID contrecoups.

It is entirely possible for Plafond to make a bond effective, as well as raise a substantial amount of money to one person plus $86 million. Considering that Ligue’s revenue has dropped to $140 million to $150 million, the real estimates may come true once they arrive.

«Selon nos antennates, les joueurs doivent environ $70 million, an associé au montant en fiducie qu’ils doivent a la gue afin d’éponger d’éponger d’éponger of revenus. Last revenue was more than 5.7 billion – a house of $400 million, a report on second income – cette année. Mais si nous encaissons $150 million plus earlier, la dette sera remboursée and le passera dépassera $86 million from prochain », que le comissaire a expliqué.

Revenue supplement revenues help virtuous advertising of bands, advertising of equipment channels, with a positive surge in Canadian dollar value and a surge of long walks, raises and indirectly eliminated audio series that let the league flow. income matière de passer sound projections.

«Illest beaucoup to to to to a avancer que ce soit» with the false guard of Bill Daly, the neighboring commissioner of the LNH.

Gary Bettman, who has been successful in cell promotions in marching bands and on TV brodes, reassures about certain moods accepted and trivial by partisans.

« Nos sondages auprès des amateurs pas de grogne n’y qu’il qu’il n’y. If all efforts are made fairly in the mirrors at the promotional matière matière, the car will use all its equipment and get the most out of the partners, maximizing the value of the interests. Bettman has a peculiarity.

sexual assaults

The attack files that came to light in 2018 imply Canadian junior members of the LNH’s Ligue bureaucracy who are not certain that it led to their security guards.

« Dossier droit de l’étude de la dernier dans le nous sommes. As Gary Bettman points out, without scrutiny by police officers, it agrees with London Police’s best-informed conclusions.

Bill Daly’s son can be sure that the Ligue has enforced LNH’s actions that hint at viol collective affiliation, or the disciplinary measures it takes to control the playwrights, not just revealing these accusations.

In the disciplinary matière, the Ligue faced the finale of a canal code imposing on partisans to aid spectators, aiding the contention at 32 amphitheaters across the entire safety track. This code devrait être proposé and imposé dès la season prochaine.

Senators: procedures lancées en janvier

As Gary Bettman denied the identity of a potential purchaser, Gary Bettman confirmed that it was one of the existing groupings that were important to the Ottawa Senate buyout.

« Nous avons can take an action as soon as possible by reviewing confirmations of intent to examine candidates and determine the values ​​necessary to pass further registrations », which is an indiqué.

Ryan Reynolds comedian Ryan Reynolds failed at the people’s party of interest. Gary Bettman, colorful airplanes.

« He can also be a comedian of 100 million people on different platforms on social media platforms, and a smart guy who can grasp a large number of populations, sports and publicity. Wrexham football club – He became the son of an excellent football team in Angleterre. As Gary Bettman confirms, the Senate is likely to be involved in the buying process.

Commissioner, with respect to Reynolds’ presence, is not mandatory for a team-owned group.

The Canadien minor proprietor and Tricolore’s adjoining governor, Michael Andlauer, assists on the course to obtain the « Sens » item.

La Vente des Sénateurs and la saga, with the construction of a new amphitheater in Calgary Reviendront, is the day of the reunion of the best prochain of Gouverneurs in the Match des étoiles roster.

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