Lil Gator Game is the cutest Zelda-like game you’ll ever play

After a long 12 months, 2022 is about to end. It’s been a busy year on the gaming side with challenging games like Hand Ring and God of War Ragnarok hundreds of hours of food. If you’re looking for a quick drop with low stakes before the ball drops, Lil Crocodile Game The perfect adventure for the New Year’s weekend.

Lil Crocodile Game It’s a short and cute little adventure game that pays homage to The Legend of Zelda in the cutest way possible. He stars as a young crocodile who embarks on a mini-mission to befriend as many animals as possible in a small open world. Players must complete simple tasks for potential friends, which can be as simple as battling a few cardboard monsters or picking up a lost, oversized pencil.

similar in structure A Short Walk, another small indie adventure game starring animals, but more direct and fun on design inspirations. In the beginning, players get their first sword (a stick) and a shield (pot lid) before finding a familiar “pointy floppy” hat. After a few short missions, the crocodile gains the ability to climb any surface and glide through the air using an oversized T-shirt – a mechanic that a frog friend teases for being “from a different game in the series”.

From gameplay to writing, everything is light and sweet here. The island is a soft wash of natural color that is comforting to wander around. The transition is aerodynamic and smooth. The lack of a map or quest log made me feel a bit lost at times, but the world is compact and easy enough to navigate, so I never wandered around for too long. Even when I was lost, I could always find a new friend to help me by completing a simple task that was easy enough for a child to understand.

This last part is the most important part. Lil Crocodile Game it’s a “kids game” but I don’t mean it’s a “game for kids”. Instead, it’s an adventure game that lets older players see the world through a child’s eyes. It takes me back to my youth and the time I lingered on the playground: a stick of swords, a simple task to a mission, and a friend become a valuable ally in my imaginary war. Lil Crocodile Game it captures that youthful energy where the world is just one big playground.

In Lil Gator Game, a crocodile floats on a piece of wood.

If you are looking for a good game to play with your kids or just want to understand their point of view, Lil Crocodile Game An breezy three-hour adventure that captivates with silly and candid writing. Everyone, including adults, can use more benign games just about making friends and spreading kindness.

Lil Crocodile Game currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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