Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini Gen 8 is a mini PC that will look great on your desk

Not everyone needs a portable computer like a laptop, but not everyone wants a giant tower above or below their desk. The Apple Mac Mini has long proven to be a very lucrative market for computers packed in small cases. Mini PCs have gotten a little more popular in recent years, but most of them are true black boxes that seem designed to be hidden from view. While this helps keep things tidy and clean, it can also be a missed opportunity to make a positive visual impact on your desk. The new Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini Gen 8, by contrast, is designed to be seen and will look stylish on any desk, whether lying down or standing up.

Designer: Lenovo

Mini PCs like the Mac Mini have almost the same problem as laptops in how much power they can pack into a small box. Size issues can be even greater because they shouldn’t have to add a keyboard and monitor to explain the size. Fortunately, technology has gotten to the point where even a box that fits in your hand can rival a high-end laptop, but offers more flexibility in what you can connect to it.

For example, the eighth generation IdeaCentre Mini supports processors up to the next generation Intel Core i7, which is more than enough power for such a small box. There are two memory slots so you can have up to 16GB of RAM if you want. You can also compress up to 1TB of storage, but you can always easily connect an external hard drive to expand that space. The box has a built-in power supply unit (PSU), which means a big black block won’t hang over the power cord. All that power is kept cool by the two vortex fans inside, allowing it to run at maximum power without posing a safety hazard.

The main thing that distinguishes the upcoming Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini Gen 8 from its kind is its design. Avoiding even the stereotypical black color, this white box looks elegant and aesthetic, giving importance to its appearance as well as its performance. The top of the box features stylistic diagonal protrusions that grab your attention, while the rounded corners give the cool tech a slightly softer look. Although it is basically made to lie flat, it can also be made to lie on its side to save space without looking awkward or unattractive.

Lenovo doesn’t mention that the mini computer uses recycled materials, but because it’s a desktop computer at its core, it has the advantage of longer life thanks to modular parts. Opening this beautiful case has also become easy so you can upgrade or replace components without much effort. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini Gen 8 will be available in the second quarter of 2023 with a price tag of $649.99.

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