Latest on Tigers’ Off-Season Goals

The Tigers have a lot of updates to make after a 96 loss season and the club is exploring various options for veterans in the free agency market. Evan Petzold of the Detroit Free Press, Seth Lugo, Adam Frazier, Brian Andersonand Edwin Rios they all caught the attention of the Tigers and Wil Myers it’s also on the radar, but “The Tigers are not seen as a leader for Myers.” As for players who have already landed elsewhere, Detroit was also interested. Jace Peterson Before signing a contract with Athletics during the Winter Meetings.

Signing any of the existing players will add some experience to the roster and address at least one position in a roster where there is a lot of uncertainty. The third base is open after: Jeimer Candelario not tendered and Tigers manager AJ Hinch During the Winter Meetings, he told Petzold and other reporters that depending on where he is, a second base playtime may also be available. Jonathan Schoop used. Hinch suggested that Schoop could also see time in phase one or phase three, apart from just the keystone.

Realistically, given that Schoop’s major league third base experience consisted of 133 2/3 innings with the Orioles in 2014 and one innings in the hot corner, he’s more likely to spend most of his time on the right side of the diamond. Schoop (like many Detroit strikers) is having a bleak year with the team and may not be in the long-term plans of new head of baseball operations, Scott Harris, as he only has a contract until 2023.

Frazier has played mostly in the second tier throughout his career, but has also made the leap to both corner outfield positions and a few games in the third tier, short back and midfield. Signing Frazier will give the Tigers some flexibility in scheduling their roster as Frazier or Schoop or rookie. Ryan Kreidler can be mixed indoors as matches require, and Frazier can also be included as part of the away mix.

Of course, Frazier didn’t take much of a hit in 2022, hitting .238/.301/.311 with three homers in more than 602 games with the Mariners. Since the start of the 2020 season, Frazier has had a .266/.329/.362 cutoff line of over 95 wRC+ and 1471 PA with Pirates, Padres and Mariners, and most of its production in that period has been concentrated in a fantastic field. A three-month run with Pittsburgh early in the 2021 campaign (which helped Frazier earn All-Star endorsement).

Despite these struggles, Frazier is seeking a two-year contract, according to Petzold. It’s arguable that such a commitment might be worth it, as Frazier (who will turn 31 this week) is a strong defender and consistently one of baseball’s hardest hitters. While Frazier’s over-contact doesn’t result in a lot of hard hitting, Frazier has the potential to be a very prolific hitter if he can get the ball into the barrel more consistently. Given that the Tigers have one of the highest batting rates of any team in baseball in 2022, hitting a touchdown of any kind could also help Detroit’s offensive woes.

Anderson and Rios were not tendered by the Marlins and Dodgers, respectively, and although both players have experience in other positions (Anderson is mostly right field, Rios is in the first stage), the Tigers would likely see both as candidates to take over from Candelario. third base. Like Frazier, these two want to bounce back from their smashing seasons because Anderson and Rios missed out on injury time.

After posting solid numbers in 2018-20, before injuries cut his playing time in each of the last two seasons, Anderson seemed to be on his way to becoming a building block in Miami. Anderson reached .266/.350/.436 (115 wRC+) over 1419 PA in 2018-20, but these numbers increased to 93 wRC+ in 2021-22 and .233/.321/.359 over 647 PA fell on a slash.

Rios is an interesting wild card option as it has 112 wRC+ careers but only over 291 career PAs in the majors. The Dodgers used Rios as a part-time player for four seasons, and while it’s quite possible that he would have earned more playing time on a less star-studded team, Los Angeles apparently never saw Rios as more than a backup. Injuries were also a factor, as Rios missed most of the 2021 season due to shoulder surgery, and last season’s knee brace tear resulted in him being placed on the 60-day injury list.

While Myers doesn’t look like he’s coming to Detroit, on paper he’s a good fit to play as a right fielder, DH, and first baseman. Spencer Torkelson naturally next season he will get every opportunity for regular hits in the first stage, but Schoop can also take some time in the first stage and miguel cabrera and Austin Meadows bats will get DH. A player like Myers could be an option for right field as Meadows takes a DH day, also Myers could move to left field.

The Tigers are the newest of many teams affiliated with Lugo’s market, and Detroit is one of the clubs that Lugo is interested in as a starting pitcher. The right-handed player has worked with the Mets only as an assistant for three of the last four seasons and hasn’t had a real full-time start since 2017. -inning is relaxing and naturally returning to rotation work can be very lucrative since it’s his first time going free agent.

Given how the Tigers were crushed by shooting injuries in 2022, the club could offer many opportunities for Lugo looking to rebuild his rotation. With such an interest in his services, it’s not hard to imagine Lugo being able to sign a two-year contract because a team might see him as a starting candidate for 2023, and (if things don’t go well) it’s comforting at worst for 2024. If Lugo is successful as a starter and the Tigers’ junior arms make a healthy return down the road, such a crowded rotation scenario would count as a nice challenge for the team in the future.

Detroit has already brought it back Matt Boyd With a one-year contract, Boyd is also looking for a move to start shooting. The Tigers’ current rotation is as follows: Eduardo Rodriguez, Matt Manning, Spencer Turnbulland with Boyd Joey Wentz, Tyler Alexander, Alex Faedoand Beau Brieske all in competition for that fifth startup job.

Looking at the big picture, none of Detroit’s free agency targets are considering getting more than a one- or, at most, two-year deal. This appeals to any major emergency spending avoidance strategy (or ownership preference) by Harris, as the Tigers fell after the big spending spree last winter. The 2023 plan is for Harris and the Tigers to patch the gaps with some seasoned additions and then the roster – both the young core and Rodriguez or Javier Baez – may regroup collectively after the disastrous 2022 season.

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