Latest iPhone SE rumor is bad news for small phone fans

2022 hasn’t been a good year for small phone fans. With the iPhone mini being replaced by the new, huge iPhone 14 Plus, those who prefer a three-handed device had to look at last year’s model. And new rumors suggest that the trend will continue.

Apple analysts believe that the iPhone SE 4 can adopt the design of the discontinued iPhone mini and bring a breath of fresh air to the reduced form factor. However, according to new reports, Apple is preparing to delay or even cancel the launch of the SE 4. (Check out today’s best deals on the iPhone 13 mini for the best small-screen iPhone experience.)

iPhone SE 3 may be the last SE for a while (Image credit: Apple)

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has announced that Apple will “probably delay or cancel” the much-talked-about iPhone SE 3 successor. The iPhone 13 mini and the brand new iPhone 14 Plus (even the giant phones have proven not to be safe from overwhelming sales).

iPhone 13 mini compared to iPhone 13

Is this the end of the road (right) for the iPhone mini? (Image credit: Apple/Future)

While some rumors suggested that the iPhone SE 4 might adopt the same design as the iPhone XR, many hoped this would provide salvation for that tiny iPhone mini form factor. Unfortunately, if Kuo’s analysis is correct, the iPhone 13 mini may indeed be the last 5.4-inch iPhone ever. This is frustrating, especially when we see some cool iPhone SE 4 concepts inspired by the mini.

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