Kyler Murray’s knee injury puts Cardinals in survival mode

The Cardinals lost quarterback Kyler Murray to a torn ACL in Game 3 of Monday night’s game. While it’s been a heroic run among players returning significantly early from non-contact knee injuries in recent seasons, it would have been irresponsible for the Cardinals to expect Murray to start the regular season next year.

No one is going to blame Arizona for this particular development. Heck, the Cardinals even play on natural turf. However, what we are wondering is what will happen in the coming weeks and months. Some kind of exposure.

Maybe it’s just me (Cardinals fans seem to think so), but since the end of the Bruce Arians regime, Arizona feels like one of the tech startups tied to a Netflix documentary series. In principle, there was a sounding idea that mysteriously continued to raise funds and resources, whereas from the start the actual product was never developed. If someone wearing a Cardinals uniform asks you for a blood sample, be careful, I suppose.

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