Kody and Meri Brown leave TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’

Kody Brown and his “sibling wives” no longer exist. At least for now.

Meri Brown, 51, from TLC’s reality TV show “Sister Wives,” confirmed this week that she has ended her 32-year marriage to 53-year-old Kody Brown. He is the last partner to leave Kody.

While the show is on for now, three of the four women have split from their polygamous partnerships with Kody, leaving him the only legal union in the family to share 18 children with his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

Multiple marriages are banned across the US, but Kody Brown has called his relationships with Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown “spiritual unions”, arguing that their marriage is also legal.

According to People, who took a look at the “Sisterly Spouses: One-on-One” exclusive interview, which will air on TLC on Thursday, Meri Brown said that Kody has “made the decision” to end their marriage.

The announcement comes days after Janelle Brown also confirmed to People that she was leaving Kody Brown.

Last November, Christine Brown announced that she and Kody had ended their relationship after 25 years of dating, Us Weekly reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the recent breakups would spell the end of the TLC show. However, even after Christine Brown left the family last year, she remained in the series’ most recent season, which debuted in September.

During a TLC interview with MC Sukanya Krishnan, she told Meri Brown that Kody Brown said, “I don’t consider myself married to Meri. If she wanted to move on and marry someone else, she wouldn’t argue with me.

Meri said that the two never discussed their separation.

β€œIt looks like he’s made up his mind,” he said. “I’ve never heard you say that to me.”

The announcement of Meri Brown’s departure from Kody confirmed the skepticism of many viewers. And many have expressed their support for Meri.

Author Jami Denise, “It’s Time” tweeted. “Honestly, I can’t believe any of them stayed with this abusive thing for this long.”

A spectator said Meri’s “my best compliments‘ said the other, ‘deserves better”

Some criticized Kody’s behavior, along with the author Danielle Gray called him “very controlling” and “brutal” to his wives, “a horrible person”.

“I love that these women have the courage to finally stand up for themselves and leave him,” she said. another spectator.

Since the first episode of “Sister Wives” aired in 2010, the family has moved several times over the show’s 17 seasons; first in Lehi, Utah, then in Las Vegas, and finally in Flagstaff, Arizona, where the family owned rural land. He was building property and a house.

Meri said she and Kody had been working on their relationship since they moved to Flagstaff, but on a recent anniversary, she realized things were starting to fall apart.

After asking the two of them to go public about their relationship status, Kody refused, saying he “didn’t want this to go public because I didn’t want that judgment.”

Still, Meri Brown said she would be open to reconciling their relationship if Kody was interested.

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