KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer Now Available at Target

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift for the cake enthusiast in your life. Whether they’ve perfected their signature chocolate chip cookie recipe or are just getting started with baking, there’s a gift they’ll love: the KitchenAid professional stand mixer. One popular model currently Available at Target for just $279.99 up to this Thursday, December 8th.

Sure, there are multiple KitchenAid mixers on the market, but this one is favored by professionals, including HuffPost’s Head of Life Kristen Aiken, for its bowl-lifting style.

“As someone who uses my stand mixer regularly, the bowl-lift design of this model is an absolute must,” he said. “If you’re making recipes that require the constant addition of ingredients (think eggs, flour, milk, sugar), you need a lot of space to add ingredients. The crank handle lets you lift the bowl up and down, giving you plenty of room to empty your stuff without making a big mess.

This mixer has 67 touch points to thoroughly combine ingredients (where the whisk or whisk physically touches the inside of the bowl), plus 10 speeds for whipping cream, kneading dough, mixing cake batter, and just about anything your recipe calls for.

Classic colors including black, silver and ice blue are currently in stock and ready to ship. And if you need a little more push to be your cooking fanatic’s favorite gift giver, let these brilliant reviews impress you:

“This thing is amazing. It mixes things up so easily and I hardly ever have to look at it while working. Everything is easy to put on and detach and cleaning is really child’s play! Highly recommend!” — Kelli

“After years of arguing I got this for my wife’s birthday. We always passed it because we thought we wouldn’t really use it but we used it twice a week when we had it and we loved it. Now we regret that we didn’t get one sooner.” – HUNGRY

“I use my mixer for a lot of things, not just for making cakes, cookies, breads… I have grinding and slicing attachments… I really like to have a roast and grind my own meat; Plus, slice attachment slices are nice, especially when you need super thin slices. A great helper in the kitchen.” — Gil/Bet

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