kinetic roofs of carlo ratti that open like origami restored historical landmark in italy

movable Kinetic Roof Carlo Ratti revived historical building

Carlo Ratti Association (CRA) and architect Italo Rota turned an old 18th-century hospital into a new hospital. Cultural Center in the city of Modena, Italy. this comprehensive make-up AGO Modena sees an origami-like kinetic roof that adds a dynamic character to the monumental space of the Fabbriche Culturali, while at the same time providing openness and transparency without detracting from its historical qualities. The aim of the project was to foster a smooth dialogue between old and new by fostering a multitude of spatial experiences. Designed in collaboration with artist-engineer Chuck Hoberman (one of the world’s leading experts in dynamic structure design and a former collaborator of NASA), the living roof is atop a triangular shaped plaza, and with its lightweight and collapsible skeleton, the neglected garden is able to adapt to different climatic conditions and functions. transforming it into a cultural and social center.

“Cultural places should be considered as dynamic places that can incorporate change over time” Carlo says
Ratti, co-founder of the CRA and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab. The changing nature of the built environment, in turn, provides a participatory approach to mobilizing cultural production. AGO’s architecture creates flexible, reconfigurable spaces where past and future complement each other.’ Image by ©CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati | garden terrace

a new center of culture and innovation

The 20,000 m2 (210,000 ft2) AGO Modena plan offers an innovative approach that sees the transformative qualities of kinetic architecture, while at the same time provoking a conversation with its history and heritage. This new mix adds to the flexibility of AGO Modena to adapt to changing configurations in the future. With a subtle aspect that respects his personality, historical and contemporary traces are evident throughout the building. The extraordinary ‘Tenaglie’ corridors lead visitors to the chimney courtyard, where another kinetic installation takes visitors to a new roof terrace. Here, it is possible to watch the roofs of Modena’s old houses and church domes from a bird’s eye view. The new project will also house photovoltaic panels to harvest solar energy and power the complex in a sustainable way.

“When we looked closely at AGO’s history, we discovered a range of backgrounds, characters and functions.” says architect Italo Rota. Because the complex has so much history, we thought our design should allow it to embody multiple futures. AGO Modena is a perfect example of this approach, as it brings together museums, education and co-working spaces under the same roof.’

kinetic roofs of carlo ratti that open like origami restored historical landmark in italy

Image by ©CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati | chimney courtyard

The AGO site is located at the entrance to Modena’s medieval city centre, whose monuments are part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Founded by the Municipality of Modena, the Fondazione di Modena and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the project will house a multitude of assets from multiple disciplines, including parts of the book collection from the Modena Visual Arts Foundation, the 14th-century library Biblioteca Estense. Museo della Figurina and the Digital Humanities Interdepartmental Research Center dedicated to collectible cards.

“In many cases, the restoration of an old building leads to a static result that does not interact much with what will be housed inside. In the project of the former Sant’Agostino Hospital, we are trying to restore the ancient and monumental site and free it from any obstructions. Also, the project is to be in dialogue with future installations. looking for an opening,’ Interpretation of architect Francesco Doglioni, expert in restoration and a team member of a project. The dynamic reconfigurability we aim for when developing the old components of the building: reversible and adaptable to continuous transformation. Restoration was deliberately left unfinished in some places. This leaves the building room to evolve further, causing a constant tension between the old and the new.’

kinetic roofs of carlo ratti that open like origami restored historical landmark in italyImage by ©CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati | manicure lung

project information:

name: AGO Modena Fabbriche Culturali
architects: MKK-Carlo Ratti Association | @carloassociati and Italo Rota
CRA design team: Carlo Ratti, Andrea Cassi (controlling partner), Francesco Strocchio (project manager), Iratxe De Dios, Alba Leon Alvarez, Eugenia Macchia, Nicolette Marzovilla, Gizem Veral, Matteo Zerbi, Gary di Silvio, Pasquale
Milieri, Gianluca Zimbardi, Serena Giardina, Valentina Grasso, Giulia Lodetti, Giovanni Trogu Italo Rota Building Office Team: Italo Rota, Francesca Grassi
kinetic roof: Hoberman Partners (Chuck Hoberman, Matthew Davis)
kinetic roof structure: INGEMBP (Corrado Curti)
restoration: Studio Associato Architetti Francesco Doglioni and Renata Daminato (Francesco Doglioni)
Structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and safety: Politecnica (Luciano Gasparini, Giorgio Poggi,
Francesco Micheletti, Ferdinando Sarno, Francesco Frassineti, Claudio Pongolini, Ilaria Mazzi, Claudia Zironi,
Giovanni Gamberini, Giuliana Bellei, Francesca Ficarra, Massimo Trento, Tania Costantini, Sergio Boccaletti,
Emanuela Gosti)
view: Studio Laura Gatti (Laura Gatti, Marco Peterle)
acoustic: Emotions (Alessia Griginis, Sabrina Canale)
fire prevention: GAE Engineering (Giuseppe Amaro, Valentina Crimì)
lighting: Light Follows Behavior (Elettra Bordonaro, Argun Paragamyan)
cost consultant: marco figazolo

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