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It’s been a wild ride last year. Time has passed and it feels like just yesterday that Kickstarter’s Design & Technology team revealed their favorite 2021 trends. As 2022 draws to a close, we continue to be inspired by the many creatives and innovators working for the public good through creativity, great design and lots of fun. Whether it’s smart lawnmowers, clothes made of seaweed, or virtual reality that lets you high-five in the ocean, this year has continued to motivate us to go far beyond human (and sometimes robotic) creativity.

Here are the prominent trends and innovations of 2022.

The Girl in the Space Club

Escape to the Final Frontier

It seems like 2022 got us thinking about space travel – or maybe just imagining a break from this planet. A record number of interstellar projects took the stage, including NASA astrophysicist Sabrina Thompson’s Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the first spacesuit designed for a female body. Bill Nye is also back with Planetary Academy and its mission to provide subscription-based learning opportunities and community for kids. Similarly, Space O DIY electronics kits allowed curious minds to tinker with the cosmos and create detailed models of the International Space Station and Apollo Lunar Module (among others). Bringing the miracle of the universe to your wrist, Xeric has launched the commemorative NASA Voyager watch, celebrating the most distant man-made object in space. Similarly, INTERSTELLAR’s RED3721, in collaboration with The Meteoritical Society, International Society for Meteorites and Planetary Science, told the story of “Perseverance” with meteorites and fragments infused with real space dust.


Off-Grid Living and Great Outdoors

For those who don’t want to leave this planet but still want to escape the ordeal, we’ve seen more projects that promote unconventional living, self-sufficiency and outdoor adventure. Oru Kayak’s origami-inspired canoe that can “go from box to boat in less than a minute” has made exploration on the water child’s play. At the same time, Cru-Coon’s insulated cocoon-like camping tent made it possible to pitch tents on the go, even if most outcasts were clumsy. Illuminating the path to adventure was ouTask’s Telescopic Flashlight, an adjustable piece that can be split into a flashlight, thrown into a backpack, or even taken on a trip aboard the Outisan e-Wagon, an upgraded electric utility wagon with power assist. Before setting off, many turn to the Zendure SuperBase V, an advanced plug-and-play home energy storage system to juice up for the next trip.


Maker Tools and Desktop Production

The next generation is hacking, developing and transforming maker technology to democratize creativity, and we love to see that. 1 Tomahawk | Reekon Professional Digital Tape does the job of the whole team with integrated e-paper measuring and laser line projection and a construction site ready digital tape measure. Revopoint POP 2: Precise 3D Scanner brings reality to the 3D Digital World with its unparalleled scanning capabilities, while Bamboo Lab’s state-of-the-art desktop 3D printers break “the barriers between the digital and physical worlds” with the CoreXY Color 3D Printer with Lidar and AI – fantastic creations come to life spend and raise over $7 million. And YesWelder’s powerful 7-in-1 Welder and Cutter Firstess CT2050 has finally offered an accessible tool for garage welders and backyard builders.


Sound and Show

Nura is back with the NuraTrue Pro, the first wireless headphones to support lossless audio over Bluetooth® and combine award-winning personalized sound with adaptive active noise cancellation. Meanwhile, HEAVYS introduced headphones that use two frequency ranges and four drivers, specifically designed for users to “hear metal the way it should be”. And GENKI Waveforms introduced Bluetooth-enabled headphones for Nintendo Switch and PS5, designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of gamers.


Waste Less, Do More

With a New Year’s resolution on the horizon, most of us may be considering cutting down on waste of all kinds, which was definitely a trend in 2022. Better for the planet with the first Electronic Bidet Chair and bidet attachment”. re:Mix made a kitchen faucet to accommodate glass jars made from 100% recycled plastic case and e-waste. Meanwhile, the GULP self-cleaning washing machine’s microplastic filter, set out to prevent microplastic pollution from seeping into our laundry (and our oceans) Finally, Shelfy has offered an elegant solution to food waste with a smart device designed to make food last longer and reduce bacteria.


Unusual Style Steps

Inclusivity is an enduring trend on Kickstarter, but Nuudii has made it an engineering marvel with the Backless Boobwear collection, available in extended sizes. Meanwhile, Capable has created a line of clothing that retains facial recognition technology. Creative reuse continued to be popular, with projects ranging from Vear’s all-season gear made from seaweed to cactus leather bags. And the Style category has expanded to include redesigned luggage pieces with the travel art inspired sustainable mushroom luggage line Trolala, vegan leather backpacks and shape-shifting suitcases, especially as we start traveling again.

Patella Crescenda

Hacking Factory Property

We may be starting to step outside of our comfort zones again, but post-pandemic plant ownership is here to stay. Innovations such as Halo, a smart grow light from Massimo Cappella Studio, brought luxury to home gardening; Multo and Patella Crescenda let users grow their own culinary farm and fresh superfoods; Cura gave hobby gardeners the power to automate irrigation, and Plant Light No 1 brought the powers of the sun to their bedside tables. For those who care about aesthetics, Noku Canvas has made creating a living vertical wall a cinch.

Small Dog 2

Robot Friends And Allies

In 2022, you’ve never been alone with the smart pet bot Loona and the Mini Pupper 2’s robotic kit for dreams, which also provides a digital companion. Meanwhile, technology was working hard to make life easier through AI-powered garden cleaning robots like Yarbo and Luba, which intelligently decorated homes and collected millions. And it’s gotten some support from devices like the home care bots, the AIPER seagull cleaning the pool, and the Switchbot 3.0’s solar-powered retrofit smart blinds.

flock light

Bicycle Forward

The bike received a significant upgrade in 2022. Providing a “smarter ride”, CoreCap’s next-generation bike computer fits directly into the bike’s steering tube and navigates the road. Also upgraded rides from the award-winning Lumos Helmet, the Lumos Firefly, with illuminated turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting. Setting out to humanize the daily commute with a range of projection lights designed to keep drivers safe, the Dyson Award-winning Flock Light captured the imagination.


Depicting the Next Generation with Images

Camera and photography gear continued to seize the moment in 2022 as well. Especially with Moment’s Moment Anamorphic, which allows users to convert any camera lens to anamorphic via the cinema-grade 1.33x adapter. Meanwhile, HEIPEI’s tripod helped easily convert a standard tripod into a mini tripod and beyond; Maven’s Color-Coded Magnetic Photo and Video Filters turned boring images into photographic masterpieces; and Solarcan Puck turned the camera obscura upside down with a reusable camera aimed at capturing the Sun’s path. But what good is a great camera if you can’t keep it safe? That’s why we’ve put together SPINN’s protective wrap for your gear. Finally, setting the show on the road, Snoppa Rover Dolly has created a revolutionary movie car with advanced all-terrain electronic stabilization system to navigate rough roads with stability and smoothness.


Game Upgraded

This was the year games went beyond the screen. Pimax Portal has launched a new generation of handhelds with a unique Hybrid VR Gaming System that can easily switch modes between standalone, mobile gaming, PC gaming and living room entertainment. Meanwhile, the AOKZOE A1 is the award-winning CPU AMD Ryzen™? 7 6800U Processor. Taking sound to the next level, Genki Waveform headphones allow you to connect and stream two multiple audio sources for immersive sound. And S-Arkade’s spatially augmented gaming system allows users to project their own 80s-inspired arcade game design scenarios and rules onto any surface.

Home page

AR/VR Maturing

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become the main maintenance of the Metaverse, at least according to one particular billionaire who will remain anonymous. But 2022 was the year the media finally came into their own. Kat Walk C2 has created a fully action and cross-platform VR gaming treadmill that can “Unleash Your Body in VR” with capabilities from any SteamVR, Oculus Home and PSVR Free Motion Game. Similarly, Viture One’s XR Glasses allow users to play AAA games or watch movies anytime, anywhere with a 5G/Wifi connection. Reveal powerful people who reach across the ocean to connect, interact, and even hug loved ones through force fields. At the same time, Surplex’s VR shoes aren’t just about looks. Cyber-punk is stylish, but it also allows full-body motion tracking without a cell tower or webcam.


Mechanical Keyboards and Desktop Hacks Got Us Curious In The Workspace

Keychron is back with a new ultra-thin keymap with QMK/VIA enabled for endless customization possibilities. Meanwhile, MelGeek Pixel’s Brick-compatible Mechanical Keyboard was a favorite of retro backers, bringing the joys of childhood to the desktop. For minimalists and Fine Art professionals, Cerakey has presented a stunning set of keypads made of ceramic for a silky smooth typing experience. At the same time, AngryMiao CyberBlades’ true wireless stereo earbuds (TWS) combined futuristic looking hardware with next-gen gaming capabilities. And finally, Lab22’s ultimate adjustable tech stands have transformed the typical WFH setup into something that looks completely professional.

Focus Timer

Back in Time

Time moved a little differently during the heyday of the pandemic, but we’re back to keeping track of the moments (and even arriving on time) once we’ve reached a situation similar to the new normal. While projects like the Focus Timer’s adjustable hourglass sought to increase productivity and improve creative flow with its unique timekeeping, traditional time markers were also popular: 2022 is a new watch creations, including the 3rd generation French blockbuster Micro-Rooter, a limited edition. saw the explosion. watchmakers Yema, who have collected around 2.5 million in just weeks.


Design Respect

Just as creators look to the future, many are inspired by the past. Paying homage to design legend Matti Suuronen’s famous Futuro House, the Wololow Future House Style Night Light provided an illuminating perspective on architectural history. Similarly, ToyHaus launched an elevated mini playhouse for kids based on the modernist design principles of the Bauhaus Movement.

Tandem Shower

Wonder And Delight Made Comeback

It hasn’t been the easiest few years, so we’re excited to see creators exploring the more experimental, fun side of them in 2022. Artist and inventor Tom Lawton has released a dynamic, undulating meditative artwork aptly named Wonder. At the same time, Invisibility Shield Co., “to surprise your friends, avoid your enemies!” Introduced an Invisibility Shield that works for But for those who want to spend a little more time together, the Tandem Shower offers a way to bathe together in comfort and style, while the Plufl Dog Bed for Humans has finally allowed us to curl up and nap like (and with!) our favorite furry friends. . And if you still have the brains to spare, Craighill’s Wavelinks puzzle, a collaboration with Art of Play, has created a stunning art object d’art with function.

-Kickstarter Design and Technical Team

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