Keep reading while sipping your tea with this unique book-shaped bookmark.

Bookmarks are great for when you need to put a book aside for a while to do other things. There are even many designs available for them, from simple cards to decorative fixtures and even multifunctional nightlights. But bookmarks are useless when you just want to keep your book open for a drink or snack. Especially if you really want to keep reading the open book. Fortunately, the solution does not require sophisticated designs or complex mechanics. All you need is to think a little bit unorthodox and put a book in a book, like this rather unusual acrylic placemat that, oddly enough, also looks like a book.

Designer: TENT

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Admittedly there are a few bookmarks made of clear acrylic, but these work in the more common design of rectangular pieces intended to be placed between pages. There are some that have quite a bit of paperweight to keep a page down, but their designs aren’t that useful or elegant. You can put weights on each corner of the book to keep it open.

The moment you take a look at Book on Book, you realize that this is not your average bookmark. It looks like more than an ordinary book, but an open book is a real page-turner, if any. Sure, it won’t sit neatly on the table if you put it there unused, but it’s certainly not designed for that. This bookmark should sit over your book and stay open so you can have your tea (or beverage of choice) and continue reading calmly.

The unique shape of the acrylic bookmark ensures that the book not only stays open, but also in its natural curved shape. It weighs enough at 220g for this to happen, but it doesn’t force the book to lie flat and doesn’t damage its binding in the process. It’s the perfect way to keep the book open while using both hands for other things like snacking, sewing or cooking.

Of course, the transparent body of “bookception” makes it possible to read the text underneath. Its size is perfect for covering a wallet from head to toe, but can also be used for larger books. If it can cover the entire page, it can also protect the page, for example, from oil stains or crumbs. Now you have the perfect way to keep that cookbook open while you’re in the kitchen scrambling for a recipe.

There’s no denying that this clear bookmark, despite its simple shape, is something beautiful, like a mystical crystal book that almost deserves to be crowned on a shelf like any book. You can certainly do this, but this negates its true purpose, a purpose that encourages you to never stop reading even if your hands are busy with something else.

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 65 dollars (15% discount at checkout). Hurry, the site-wide Post-Cyber ​​Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

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