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Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert and Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa will be forever connected and compared, after back-to-back picks during the 2020 NFL draft, though one is clearly better off throughout their careers, this season, and when the two are together. The teams faced off at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

When the two are brought together, the difference is pretty much the same as when the Avengers team up and Thor and Hawkeye join forces. While Herbert has God-given skills and abilities most people can’t grasp, Tagovailoa is a helpful teammate with pinpoint accuracy to help out in daunting situations.

Still, the difference in natural talent is staggering and evident in the Chargers’ 23-17 win. The two signal seekers were not even on the same plane of existence, and this should silence anyone who believes Tagovailoa has achieved elite status.

Sunday’s performance showed a playmaker with better stance, pocket movement and natural arm ability, despite playing with fewer assists.

Currently claiming the AFC’s worthy and final seventh place if the postseason starts today, the 7-6 Chargers rely on Herbert to elevate the game of everyone around him and take the team to the playoffs.

“You’ll be less and less surprised as the game progresses,” a senior NFL source told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler before the season began. “He will be the best QB in the game.”

Meanwhile, Tagovailoa is a deadly distributor. He’s a sniper who can separate his opponents with pinpoint accuracy while working within the confines of Miami’s attack plan.

Both approaches can be quite successful depending on the situation. These comparisons should not be seen as trivial by any stretch of the imagination. The Dolphins have proven they can put a successful team on the field with a top level playmaker based on their approach.

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

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The main difference is what happens when everything breaks down. The skills to work off-platform, throw second windows, and create outside of the build are more important than ever. Names like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen have revolutionized the way the position is played. Herbert brings these features to the table.

Los Angeles’ track record is indicative of the trials and tribulations the squad has faced this year. Basically, there are three inexperienced starting players on the offensive line, first-round guard Zion Johnson, sixth-round left interceptor Jamaree Salyer, and former impromptu right tackle Foster Sarell.

Herbert offers both subtle moves to get rid of pocket pressure and the athleticism he will create when he breaks the pocket. Both are absolutely vital to the success of the offense.

By NFL Next Generation StatsThe 24-year-old has survived his career-high high-five pressure and has completed 13 passes while running – or two more passes than anyone else in a single game since 2016. currently the leader NFL with 69 completions, 718 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and an above-expected positive 11.2 percent completion on the move.

Offensive line issues tend to be minimized with a mobile quarterback who doubles as the unit’s best quarterback.

Altogether, Herbert posted a new single-game personal record of 39 finishes while climbing to first place in passing distance over the first three seasons of his career.


Justin Herbert reveals serious numbers đź’Ż pic.twitter.com/mQ1ES1FWOK

The types of shots Herbert completes may be surprising as they shouldn’t be possible.

“It’s tough,” said wider receiver Keenan Allen of catching Herbert’s line-drive transitions, according to ESPN. Lindsey Thiry. “The first year was tough, this year is much slower and like I said, I think he understands the defense better, he understands how to make the passes, he understands when to make the passes and he doesn’t really play.”

While the Chargers lack speed and often healthy targets outside, the franchise signal caller throws the ball at surprising angles for defenders who are confused by a passing pass towards them.

How many quarterbacks make a throw designed to their right to throw the ball over their bodies, past the opposing hash and 48 yards down the court? Those who even need to try this type of pass in hopes of completion can count as spare fingers on one hand.


The quarterback duo of Herbert and Mike Williams put the point throughout the whole match 🔥 #BoltUp

đź“ş: on NBC #MIAvsLAC on NBC
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“He’s a special arm talent,” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told Thiry. “He makes some passes that I don’t think anyone can make in this league, and that includes me. He has an arm, you watch – I watch movies every week because we play with similar opponents – there are some shots. You just shake your head because they’re so special.”

Conversely, Tagovailoa is a rhythm setter. His foresight and touch are special, but neither trait has been nearly as effective against more aggressive defenses over the past two weeks.

Prior to Sunday’s contest, the former fifth overall draft pick led the NFL in QB ratings and Football Outsider. defense-to-average adjusted value metric. His timing and accuracy were thrown in and demonstrated in his performance.

Tagovailoa unimportantly completed 35.7 percent of his passes against the Chargers. The last game never appeared in sync. A week ago, the San Francisco 49ers held the Dolphins’ quarterback completion percentage at 54.6.

The difference lies in how these units use Miami’s dynamic wide receivers.

Chargers used a season-high 35 percent press coverage on independent routes. NFL Next Generation Stats. Los Angeles’ defensive backs got stuck in the offensive line and redirected their goals to disrupt the timing of the passing game.

Opponents must account for the speed of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, but the advantage can be denied to some extent if they are not in the right spots when Tagovailoa expects to throw.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

Los Angeles Times via Allen J. Schaben / Getty Images

“Many of us had an off night,” Hill said. told reporters after the game. “I have to take responsibility too.”

Without Hill, the Chargers would have declared a huge victory. Luckily 57 yards scoop and score Jeff Wilson Jr. by fast wide receiver after the Dolphins ran back. he missed the ball, making it Miami’s only offensive debut in the first half.

In the middle of the third quarter, Chargers defender Michael Davis tripped over Hill’s feet and exposed the fastest man in the league. 60 yard score.

Beyond that, the Dolphins did little. Teams need to adapt to being much more physical, forcing Tagovailoa to recalibrate on the fly.

With Miami’s quarterback explaining how his rivals are playing him and the talented cast around him at the moment, Herbert may continue with his stronger business between the two. If they’re starting a franchise, that’s the option teams get 10 times out of 10. He is the unlimited.

Fortunately, after seeing both of them on the court during the same competition, anyone can end any conversation that these two are of the same caliber, and Herbert is clearly victorious both in the end result and in the individual performance.

Brent Sobleski covers the NFL for the Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter, @brentsobleski.

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