Justified Studio overhauls branding and digital for Svea Solar

Sweden’s largest solar company hopes a younger demographic will be interested in solar with a new positioning centered around “power shift”.

Justified Studio has rebranded, repositioned and redesigned the digital experience, including a flexible digital platform built from the ground up for Swedish solar company Svea Solar.

Joshua Ogden, Justified founder and creative director, explains that Svea Solar, Europe’s third-largest Solar Energy company, is keen to engage and reposition with a “younger, tech-driven demographic.” He says the company’s current branding follows “all anticipated sustainable energy metaphors,” such as “the need to display green earth colours, green spaces and roofs full of solar panels.”

Ogden says Justified was invited to promote the project based on previous work for the United Nations with “a few weeks” to shape a creative angle. The studio’s initial approach was to look beyond the energy market to innovative technology and lifestyle brands, “making Svea Solar technology, doing it now and making it the future,” he adds.

At the heart of the brand strategy was a reassessment of the concept of power. “Svea Solar ultimately wants people to shift their mindset to using green energy and what the green energy company stands for,” explains Ogden. “This is where the Power Shift brand strategy comes in. If you work for Svea Solar, buy from Svea solar and even identify with the brand’s mission, you become a Power Shifter,” he says.

The visual system evolved from this strategic positioning, Ogden says, adopts a “changing electric color palette” paired with a “slick typographic system.” Not only did this help differentiate the brand, it also set off “a striking, optimistic tone that has never been seen before in the industry,” he adds. “Bold product images” of the company’s solar panels and EV chargers appear alongside photos featuring freckled young faces, bright skies, and natural landscapes.

A ‘graphic suns’ package was developed to ‘communicate a vibrant, dynamic brand’ and also replaced the Solar ‘o’ in the branding. Throughout the branding, the font Solar Sans – “a neo-grotesque archetype with geometric touches” – was used in light, normal and medium weights, according to the studio.

Ogden explains that the brand is built from a digital-first lens and is an example of how the Justified team combines strategy, design and technology in their work.

“Without the strategic framework, visual branding would not be possible, and without visual design parameters, the digital platform could not be built that way. “We needed all three parts of our studio to work together to redefine the entire company,” he says.

Svea Solar’s digital platform enables customers to track not only their energy consumption, but also information such as the electricity production of each solar panel, the percentage of energy independence from the national grid and how much excess energy can be sold.

Ogden explains that for this platform, a flexible component system has been created according to the requirements of Svea Solar’s marketing and product teams, but that it is also “capable to grow with the needs of the company.” According to the studio, the technical stack included React, Next.js, “a very useful Sanity CMS” and Chakra UI.

The ability to custom design and build website and product spaces “without limitations in both design and functionality” provided the opportunity to “create a design system that elevates the power industry’s stereotypical experience, creating a slick, functional yet still branded experience.” at all touchpoints,” he adds.

Commenting on the project, Nolan Gray, CMO and co-founder of Svea Solar said, “We are not just updating Svea Solar’s identity in a way that gives a new face to the entire energy industry. We breathe new life into an outdated industry with the goal of mobilizing people and moving towards renewable energy.

“The energy topic has long been characterized by low interest, but this is something Svea Solar is here to change.”

After brand engagement started in 2020 and the new logo was launched, the new brand is now available across all touchpoints including the platform, app and Svea Solar’s offices.

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