Joy is Made: Amazon’s snow globe Christmas ad is a feel-good flurry of festive happiness

Christmas ads took a different approach this year. The pomp and stupidity that defined some earlier efforts is gone; instead, following the pandemic and cost of living crisis, brands have taken a more meaningful and sincere approach as they prepare for the big day. Amazon is no different.

His ads, which aired earlier this week, choose not to focus on the gifts and presents we’ll be sending each other this Christmas. Instead, she chose to focus on the feel-good factor of making the most of each day and creating a precious memory in the process.

To do this, Amazon has tapped the talents of Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi, whose recent work includes Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Love and Thunder. In the 150-second commercial, we watch the story of a little girl (played by Anouk Christiansen) who can’t stand being separated from the snow globe, and learn that she has a story with her father (played by Jared Turner). an important place in your heart.

After discovering the importance of the snow globe and ordering a few daily essentials from Amazon – which also ships quickly – Dad transforms a humble shredder, fairy lights, and a table fan into a giant snow globe in his family greenhouse. The message here is, of course, that with a little touch of creativity and resourcefulness, anyone can create their own joy.

Closing the ad is the exciting song ‘You Hold Me Up’ by US indie artist Jonathon Linaberry, who created the original track to show his support beyond just chatting to a friend going through tough times. The ad, paired with the visuals, comes together in a delightful and heartwarming package.

Ed Smith of Amazon says: “We are constantly inspired by the creative spirit of Amazon customers and wanted to tell a story with a different take on generosity and ‘giving’ at Christmas, and the joy of doing something special for someone you love. We are happy to play a part, but the hero of the story is a father’s love for his child.”

Jo Shoesmith, global head of creative at Amazon, adds, “We were inspired to collaborate with Taika Waititi on this year’s TV commercial. Her passion for telling the story of a relationship between father and child through her brand glamor and casting she knew would tell that story was crucial.”

And if you want to create your own joy for the special people in your life, you’re in luck: the Amazon Christmas Store is now open.

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