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James Gunn he has a pretty great career as a filmmaker who has made some great movies over the years. As you know, currently Warner Bros. He’s starting a big new chapter in his life as he heads up DC Studios for the company, and earlier this week his first wave of film projects were announced.

Fan reactions to these movie and TV projects have been mixed. While some people are optimistic about the future of DC movies, others think Gunn has already quit. I’m personally looking forward to what Gunn has to offer! I enjoyed his past movies, he has an understanding of what makes great movies and he’s a big fan like all of us.

When Gunn was recently asked why he took the job as co-lead of DC Studios, he talked about his childhood, his love of comics, and shared a Comic-Con experience he called one of the best experiences of his life. He explained:

“People ask me a lot, why did I take this job? I knew there would be a lot of setbacks and problems, but as most of you know, comics are in my blood. These characters.” I have it in my blood. I was a weird kid who didn’t have many friends and loved comics. I loved DC comics, I loved Marvel comics. I didn’t interact well with my peers, and when my parents were 11, a psychiatrist tried to figure out what was wrong with me because I never went to school. I just stayed at home, read, wrote and drew comics. And the psychiatrist asked my father, “Why?” said. Don’t you care what your son is doing?’ Because my dad is a complete St. Louis, Missouri man. The Cardinals love baseball, love things I don’t care about. comic book.”

Gunn then went on to talk about spending a weekend at Chicago Comic-Con and how that brought him closer to his father:

“He took me to Creation Comic-Con in Chicago for the weekend, which was probably the greatest weekend of my life, I can still say because my wife isn’t here. But it was great. We met Ernie. I talked to Chan and all these creative people and it was the best. We bought a lot of comics. The happiest moments of my life were to go upstairs and see my dad read a copy of Superman. And I wanted to get involved with these. “I thought it was the possibility of creating something. It’s really cool with these characters. I can’t get into politics, I can’t do anything with science. So all I can do for this planet is create stories about love. And I think that’s what we can do for the next eight to 10 years.”

This is another reason why I want to see James Gunn succeed at this! He’s a big fan like all of us and wants to do justice to these DC characters. Let’s see what he’s doing! Chances are, when these movies start releasing, fans will love what he and his creative teams have to offer!

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