James Gunn Responds To “Noisy And Rude” DC Trolls By Saying “Disrespectful Shouting Will Never, Never Affect Our Actions” – GeekTyrant

When he became president of DC Studios James Gunn announced that he would write a new Superman movie and Henry Cavill While she wouldn’t be returning to reprise her role, there were many fans who attacked with disappointment, discouragement, and anger.

Gunn knows very well how fans react to news they don’t like, and he’s been getting a lot of hate lately. However, she won’t let any of this affect her and her shape. Peter Saffron will run the business. They have a plan to move forward and they will stick to it.

Gunn recently took twitter to respond to the fan hate he sees and to let all trolls know that he and his team won’t affect what they do because they believe it. said:

“One of the things Peter and I were aware of when we started as president of DC Studios was that there was a minority of people online who could be loud and rude, to say the least.

“Our choices for the DCU are based on what we believe is best for the story and DC characters that have been around for nearly 85 years. Maybe these choices are great, maybe not, but they are made with sincere hearts and integrity and always with the story in mind.

“No one likes to be harassed or nicknamed – but to be honest, we’ve been through worse. Disrespectful shouts will never, ever affect our actions.

“When we started this business, we were aware that there would be a period of turmoil and we knew that sometimes we would have to make difficult and not so obvious choices, especially after the fragile nature of what was before us.

“But that means little to us compared to the work we do as artists and watchdogs helping to create a broad and wonderful future for DC.”

I actually can’t wait to see what Gunn brings to the table! While many fans are complaining right now, once we really start to see their plans come to fruition, fans will likely love what it has to offer.

Gunn also said they “didn’t re-elect everyone but The Suicide Squad.” This phrase can mean one of two things, they’re reanimating everyone, including The Suicide Squad, or they’re reanimating some characters and not others?

We know for sure that Superman and Batman will be remade, and I’m pretty sure we won’t see it. Esra Miller Go back as Flash. Also, if there are rumors about Jason Momoa It’s okay to play Lobo, then we probably won’t see him as Aquaman after the upcoming sequel. when it comes Gal GadotIf a third movie isn’t progressing in Wonder Woman and all the other characters are being remastered, why not remake it?

We have some idea of ​​what Gunn is up to, but as fans, all we can do is fill in the gaps we think will happen based on what we know. Gunn will reveal his plan in January, so we’ll know very soon what the DC Cinematic Universe of the future will look like.

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