Jaguars and Jets NFL DFS: Daily Fantasy football predictions for DraftKings, FanDuel Thursday Night Football

At the end of October, the Jacksonville Jaguars ran and traded James Robinson to the New York Jets and advanced with 2021 first-round pick Travis Etienne in their backcourt. Since then, Etienne rushed for 502 yards, scored three touchdowns and averaged 4.4 yards per carry, while Robinson played in just four games with 29 tries for 85 yards. When Etienne visits the Jags Jets at Thursday Night Football, he appears to be the only laggard between the two NFL DFS squads, but how effective will he be?

Robinson has reset healthily in the Jets’ last two games, while Zonovan Knight and Michael Carter are the top two picks in New York’s backcourt. Knight seems to be the choice between the two in the NFL DFS player pool, but he was only held for 23 yards against the Lions last weekend. Before you make your NFL DFS picks for Jaguars and Jets at sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, be sure to check out SportsLine daily Fantasy expert Mike McClure’s NFL DFS advice and strategy.

McClure is a legendary professional DFS player with over $2 million in career earnings. His methodology has led to enormous bucks at FanDuel and DraftKings. In 2020, they beat two high-stakes tournaments in FanDuel and a pair of top 10 finishes in DraftKings tournaments with more than 130,000 participants. Their rosters also ranked in the top 1% in more than a dozen other tournaments.

It uses a powerful predictive model that simulates every moment of NFL action, taking into account factors such as matches, statistical trends and injuries. This allows it to find the best DFS values ​​it shares only with members on SportsLine.

This year, he has already won the DraftKings Millionaire Maker twice and the FanDuel Million once. Now, McClure turns his attention to Jets vs. Turned it into Jaguars and locked into the daily best Fantasy football predictions. You can see his predictions and analysis only on SportsLine.

Top NFL DFS picks for Jaguars and Jets

One of McClure’s top NFL DFS picks for Thursday Night Football is Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Since early November, Lawrence has completed 70 percent of his passes for 1,680 yards and 14 goals. His only interception during this run came last Sunday in Jacksonville’s comeback win over Dallas when he slammed his hand into a Cowboy’s helmet in the third quarter.

Even in Jacksonville’s miserable 2021-22 season, Lawrence performed well against the Jets in Week 16, completing 66.67% of his 280-yard passes. He also rushed for 37 yards six times in a 26-21 loss. The Jaguars’ offensive line has been strong in pass protection this year, but still rallied 239 yards and scored four goals in 49 offensive tries.

Another piece of McClure’s optimal NFL DFS strategy includes the hiring of Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson. The rookie finished with four receptions for 98 yards in a 20-17 loss to Detroit last Sunday. After Week 15, Wilson took the lead on the rookie reception areas with 966 per year.

The Jets may have to go with Zach Wilson as quarterback for a second week in a row as Mike White’s condition remains airborne due to a rib injury that kept him out of the field in Week 15. In Zach Wilson’s first run in the QB this season, Garrett Wilson was still the team’s widest pick, scoring 35 goals from Weeks 4 to 10, while Corey Davis was a distant second with 15. Wilsons on Thursday. You can see the rest of McClure’s SNF DFS advice here.

How are NFL DFS formations created for Jets and Jaguars?

McClure is also targeting another undervalued player who could hit huge numbers in Thursday Night Football. This choice can be the difference between winning your tournaments and cash games and going home without buying anything. You can only see who and McClure’s other NFL DFS picks on SportsLine.

Who does Mike McClure include in their optimal NFL DFS lineup? And which stealth player is a must-have? Visit SportsLine now and learn to see the most relevant NFL DFS predictions, standings, recommendations and stacks from a DFS expert who earns over $2 million with Daily Fantasy predictions.

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