While Apple has increased the level of customization that iPhone users have been able to access over the years, the system-wide font of the “iPhone” has become something users cannot change. However, thanks to a new tool created by a developer, users will now be able to change their “iPhone” fonts if they are using an older version of iOS 16.

Developer Zhuowei Zhang has made a tool that replaces the system-wide font of the “iPhone” by exploiting a security hole found in previous versions of “iOS 16”. The vulnerability that Zhang used to make the tool was patched in iOS 16.2, meaning he must be running iOS 16.1.2 or earlier to use an “iPhone” tool and change the system-wide font.

To check which version your ‌iPhone‌ is running, go to Settings -> General -> About -> see what is listed as the iOS version. Apple stopped signing iOS 16.1.2 last weekend, so you can’t downgrade if you’re using iOS 16.2.

The tool is available as an IPA file on GitHub and allows users to replace “iPhone” fonts with one of several options, including Comic Sans MS, Fira Sans, DejaVu Sans Mono, and others. Using the tool will change the look of your ‌iPhone‌ as seen in the screenshots provided by Zhang below.

ios 16 font change 1

Users are highly recommended to update their device to iOS 16.2 as it includes important security fixes and a host of new features including new options for always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Music Sing, new Freeform app and more. . You can learn more about iOS 16.2 using our guide.

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