If this is the future of AI art, we’re not here for it

Just as we’re starting to come to terms with the power of the latest AI image generators, another breakthrough comes. Directly after DALL-E is Point-E, an AI renderer for 3D modeling with a similar way of working.

AI image generators made huge leaps forward last year, allowing anyone to create sometimes stunning images from a text prompt. For now, they can only render still 2D images, but OpenAI is the company behind one of the most popular renderers, DALL-E 2. He just revealed his latest research into an AI-powered 3D modeling tool…

(Image credit: OpenAI)

After DALL-E comes Point-E, a model that looks ready to bring its revolutionary text-to-image technology to 3D modeling. OpenAI says the tool, trained on millions of 3D models, can generate 3D point clouds from simple text prompts. catch? The resolution is pretty poor.

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