Hundreds of sneakers by Virgil Abloh, unveiled at Miami Art Week

Sportswear company Nike created Virgil Abloh: The Codes c/o Architecture, which showcases collaborations between designer and brand at Miami Art Week.

Opening at Miami’s Rubell Museum, The Codes c/o Architecture showcases hundreds of sneakers created by Abloh during his partnership with Nike, on pedestals and in a large central light box, among other designs such as stereos and turntables.

Nike opens Virgil Abloh: The Codes c/o Architecture exhibition in Miami

“Virgil and Nike have succeeded together because they understand the role of the brand as a cornerstone of culture and Nike understands the importance of truly supporting creatives and their visions,” said Shannon Abloh, CEO of Virgil Abloh Securities.

“This beautiful four-day experience at Miami Art Week will honor their legacy together and champion both Virgil’s open source methods and his true commitment to collaborating and inspiring others.”

Nike Virgil Abloh Shoes
Includes hundreds of designs made by Abloh for Nike

Codes c/o Architecture, co-curated by Alessio Ascari of Architecture, a division of Nike created by Abloh, shows the work organized in six different sections of Abloh’s designs with Nike over his four-year collaboration with the brand.

“This exhibition explores how sneakers are the quilting point of Virgil’s official work in architecture and design, as well as his obsessive interest in subculture forms such as hip-hop, graffiti, and skateboarding,” the curators said.

Virgil Abloh Nike Setup
The exhibition is organized in six themes.

The exhibition featured Ten, Abloh’s first collaboration with Nike, which is a collection of 10 classic Nike shoe collections reconstructed by the designer who took pieces from Abloh’s different sneakers and put them together.

He also showed how this method became more complex as collaboration continued, as Abloh eventually combined the features of Nike basketball shoes with spikes from track and walking shoes.

“Virgil’s newer designs had a chimeric quality, collecting items from Nike’s catalog and putting them together in unexpected combinations.”

Codes c/o Architecture also aims to highlight a selection of work under the title Black Canon, which showcases Abloh’s Spring/Summer collaboration with Nike and Louis Vuitton.

“This series is undoubtedly one of his greatest achievements, something only he can make possible – interpreting the cultural history of a design object and returning that history to its design, bridging past and future, call and response,” the curators said. .

Virgil Abloh Shoes
Shoes are displayed in light boxes

On December 2, 2022, Nike will launch a new sneaker in collaboration with Abloh’s brand Off-White during one of the talks scheduled at the show.

Abloh, who passed away last year, was born in Illinois and is known for his work in fashion and design, collaborating with brands like Mercedes-Benz for car designs and Ikea for a range of home furnishings.

Virgil Abloh: The Codes c/o Architecture is on display at the Rubell Museum in Miami from December 1-4, 2022. For a comprehensive list of events in architecture and design, visit Dezeen’s Events Guide.

Photo courtesy of Sebastiano Pellion di Persano.

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