How to share tabs and collaborate in Safari

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Safari on macOS Ventura gains the ability to share groups of tabs with others. This is a great way to keep things organized while planning a trip, working on a group project, and more. Here’s how to set up and use Shared Tab Groups.

Safari is Apple’s web browser available for all operating systems and has been carefully designed for Mac, iPhone and iPad for performance, features and tight integration with iCloud. Tab Groups relies on the iCloud service for syncing.

Last year, with macOS Monterey and iOS 15, tab groups made it easy to organize your tabs and make them available on all your personal devices. New to macOS Ventura, Safari offers new ways to collaborate with others. You can now share your tab groups with other people and have changes synced across all invited users.

How to make Tab Group

First, before you can share a set of tabs with other people, you must first create a tab. To summarize: a tab group is a different group of tabs that persists in Safari. You can switch between multiple groups and return to your tab sets later.

You can create a new tab group by selecting ‘File’ -> ‘New Tab Group’ in Safari on Mac. Give the tab group an appropriate catchy name. You can move existing tabs you have open by right clicking on a tab and selecting ‘Move to Tab Group’ -> [Tab Group Name].

Quickly send a list of tab links to someone else

If you don’t need the fancy new collaboration and real-time sync features, you can quickly share a static snapshot of your tab group by sharing the link list. To do this, right-click on the tab group in the Sidebar and click on ‘Copy Links’. (In Safari on iOS, you can view Tab Groups from the overview screen and long-press to find the Copy Links action.)

This copies a bulleted list of links to your clipboard. You can then compose an email or open any messaging app and paste this link list into the app you need.

What can you do with the Shared Tab Group?

If you want to go beyond a static list of links, Shared Tab Groups is the answer. A regular set of tabs syncs with iCloud across all your personal devices. The Shared Tab Group extends this concept. A shared set of tabs extends this by making the same tabs available to others, such as your friends or colleagues or people you choose to invite.

As part of the shared group, new tabs you add are automatically visible to everyone else. Other participants can add tabs to the group so you can see them too. This is a great tool to help you plan outings as a family, suggest recipes for dinner, or collaborate with colleagues on a business project.

How to create Shared Tab Group?

Start with a personal Tab Group. To make it shareable, open the Safari Sidebar and right-click on the Tab Group you want to share. Select Share Tab Group. This will open a share menu.

Safari will first ask you to share with people via Messages. However, once the Tab Group is Shared, you can simply open the newly revealed collaboration menu and find an invite link to share. This is a private link anyone can click to join the tab group. (Note: This feature only works with Mac, iPhone, and iPad users running macOS Ventura, iOS 16, or iPadOS 16, respectively.)

An indicator shows who else is currently viewing a tab in your Tab Group

With the Shared Tab Group enabled, anyone in the group can view, add or remove tabs in the group. Safari will show a badge avatar indicator on the tab strip when someone else is actively viewing it. Notification banners will also pop up to notify you when there is activity in the tab group.

Manage and end sharing a Tab Group

The creator of the Shared Tab Group is considered the ‘owner’; Only the owner can manage who has access to the tab group. As the owner, click the Shared Tab Group menu item at the top right of the toolbar. Click ‘Manage Shared Tab Group’. You can invite more participants, revoke access for some participants, and quickly start a group messaging or FaceTime call. Shared Tab Groups work great with FaceTime SharePlay features.

When you’re done and ready to finish collaborating, simply hit the Stop Sharing button to turn your Shared Tab Group back into a private personal Tab Group. When this happens, all other participants completely lose access to the tab group.

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