How to Open a Money Market Account

you can open money market account as a safe way to increase your savings. Money market accounts offer some checking features and savings accounts, but usually earns a higher interest rate. They also usually come with a debit card and checks, giving you more ways to access your cash than a savings account. Online banks, traditional banks, and credit unions all usually offer money market accounts.

How money market accounts compare

To choose a money market account, first determine what you’re saving for and when you’ll need the money. Next, research banks and credit unions to compare accounts and find the one that best suits your needs. You want to look for a competitive APY, annual percent yield, or APY. Your deposit earns the full APY on your balance for one year. Many money market accounts offer higher APYs than savings accounts offer.

You should also consider check writing privileges, ATM access, minimum balance requirements and monthly service fees. Finally, make sure the account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

how to open account

You can open a money market account through online bank or in person. You will need the following information: your Social Security number, contact information, your initial deposit amount, and the method you will use to fund your account. Be prepared to provide an ID form upon request.

What is the difference between a savings account and a money market account?

When you open a money market account, you get checks and an ATM or debit card to withdraw money. This means you have the flexibility to write checks and use an ATM to withdraw your money, just like with a checking account.

Savings accounts allow you to withdraw cash via ATM, but they do not issue checks. However, with a savings account you can withdraw or transfer as much as you need, whereas transactions in money market accounts are usually limited to a handful per month.

Money market accounts generally have higher minimum balance requirements and monthly service fees than savings accounts, but they also offer higher interest rates.

What are the benefits of a money market account?

These accounts offer many of the same benefits as savings accounts, checking accounts or certificates of deposit.

Safety: Money market accounts are FDIC insured for up to $250,000 per depositor, bank, and account type. Even if your bank or credit union fails, your money will be safe.

Higher interest rates: A money market account earns more interest than a regular savings account.

Checks and debit card access: Money market accounts also often come with a debit card and checks; this gives you more ways to access your cash than in a savings account.

The main disadvantage of money market accounts is the restrictions on transactions.


Money market accounts can be opened at traditional banks, online banks and credit unions. It is a low-risk savings instrument with higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. You will also have the flexibility to write checks. Note that a money market account is not the same thing as a money market fund, which is a low-risk investment vehicle.

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