How to beat Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Elite Four?

Victory Road story Pokémon Crimson and Violet Ends in the classic battle to prove that you are actually the best of the best. To do this, as with every previous generation game, you will need to defeat the infamous Elite Four. As always, this is a constant battle against arguably the toughest trainers in the entire Paldea region. If that wasn’t hard enough, there are two more fights after the four against. You will need the best team and lots of items with you. These tips to become the undisputed champion Pokémon Crimson and Violet will also be very important.

Once you have collected all eight Gym Badges, reached the Pokémon League, and correctly answered all the questions on the assessment quiz, you can begin your path to becoming a champion. Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to heal and reorganize your team between battles, which will be essential to countering some of these tough coaches.

Note: There will be spoilers for the Elite Four as well as the two Champion battles that take place after them, including their identities and Pokémon.

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rica guide

After arriving in the Pokémon League and passing the evaluation test, Rika will be the first member of the Elite Four to challenge you. He has a team of mostly Ground-type Pokémon that are naturally weak to Water, Grass, and Ice types. We recommend adding a strong Water type as your primary option here, because as you’ll see, Rika also has a Pokémon with Poison moves that are super effective against Grass types. But keep Grass type ready for any possible counter. Here is Rika’s team:

  • Whiscash — Level 57 (Water/Soil type)
  • Camerupt — Level 57 (Fire/Ground type)
  • Dugtrio — Level 57 (Location type)
  • Donphan — Level 57 (Ground Type)
  • Clodsire — Level 58 (Poison/Poison Type and Ground Terra Type)

Since Rika’s opening Pokémon is Water, start with the Grass type we talked about bringing with her. From there, switch to your Water-type bell to start washing the rest of your suit. Again, going back to a Grass type is best for Clodsire because of his Poison moves and Water Absorption ability.

poppy guide

Poppy holding a pokeball.

To prepare for your next battle against Poppy, first build your team against the Steel types. Steel is mainly countered by Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokémon, but when we examine its line-up, you’ll find that Fire and Earth are the best choices. Fortunately, Poppy’s best Pokémon aren’t trending enough to require a complete rework of your team. Here is the competition for the second round:

  • Copperajah — Level 58 (Steel type)
  • Corviknight — Level 58 (Flying/Steel type)
  • Brozong — Level 58 (Steel/Psychic type)
  • Megneson — Level 58 (Electric/Steel type)
  • Tinkaton — Level 59 (Fairy/Steel-type and Steel Terra-Type)

Corvinknight and Brozong are the two main reasons Fight isn’t a good fit for this fight as they won’t be able to do much against them. The Fire and Ground types can easily end you, but make sure they have high enough defensive stats to handle the last Tinkaton where only physical moves are used.

Larry’s guide

Instructor Larry just stands there.

Of all the trainers, who would have guessed that Larry would appear once again as a member of the Elite Four? Regardless, this fight won’t be like your first fight. Instead of sticking to normal types, Larry has a strong team of Flying Pokémon. Flying is mostly weak against the Electric, Fire, Rock, and Dragon types, but you’ll need a mix here for a few reasons. Let’s take a look at the team first:

  • Tropius — Level 59 (Grass/Flying-type)
  • Staraptor — Level 59 (Normal/Flying type)
  • Altaria — Level 59 (Dragon/Flying-type)
  • Oricorio — Level 59 (Electric/Flying type)
  • Flamigo — Level 60 (Flying Type with Flying/Fighting-Terra Form)

As you can see, all of Larry’s Pokémon are a mix of Flying and another type, which complicates things a bit. You should use Fire-type against his Tropius, Electric against Staraptor and Flamigo, Rock to deal with his Oricorio, and Dragon to defeat his Altaria. Another good last tip is that Flamigo, who only uses physical attacks, can be easily defeated if you have a Pokémon that moves the Counter.

Hassel’s guide

A trainer in a suit smiling.

If you’ve been a good instructor and attended classes, you’ll know Hassel as an Academy art professor. Other than art, he’s ready to teach you a painful lesson, so it’s best to be prepared. Hassel’s Pokémon focuses on Dragon-types, which are difficult as they are weak against Dragon-, Ice-, and Fairy-types. But Fairy isn’t the best option here, limiting your team choices. Here’s what Hassel will throw at you:

  • Noivern — Level 60 (Flying/Dragon Type)
  • Dragalge — Level 60 (Poison/Dragon-type)
  • Haxorus — Level 60 (Dragon type)
  • Flapple — Level 60 (Grass/Dragon-type)
  • Baxcalibur — Level 61 (Dragon/Dragon Terra Shaped Ice Type)

As you can see, Dragalge’s Poison moves make it a bad idea to use Fairy types against Hassel, but what you can’t see is that Haxorus has some Steel moves against Fairy as well. You can safely use Fairy against other members, but a good Ice type is a solid choice for the rest of his team. If you’ve managed to get one, a Gyarados can use both Dragon and Ice-type moves, making it an easy pick, but it’s not against Dragalage as it has a Thunderbolt move.

Best Champion Geeta guide

The Pokemon champion is dazzling.

Things were already getting complicated at the end of the Elite Four, but it’s even worse for you as Champion Geeta’s team didn’t stick to any one theme for his team. He compiled a list of Pokémon of all types, meaning you’ll need a ton of high-level Pokémon of most types to counter him. Let’s take a look at the contest:

  • Espathra — Level 61 (Flying/Dragon type)
  • Avalugg — Level 61 (Ice type)
  • Kingambit — Level 61 (Dark/Steel type)
  • Veluza — Level 61 (Water/Psychic0 type)
  • Goat — Level 61 (Grass type)
  • Glimmora — Level 62 (Rock Terra Formed Rock/Poison type)

When preparing your team, try your best to use only one type of Pokémon. The two Pokémon you should pay the most attention to here are Kingambit and Glimmora. Kingabit is weak against Fighting types, but you’ll need a very high speed one to counter the Zen Headbutt move. Glimmora will start out as Rock, which isn’t too bad for any other Fighting, Grass or Ground type, but Terra Form converts it to pure Rock type, so take it easy and use a Grass type.

Otherwise, pack a Bug for Espathra and Veluza, Fighting for Avalugg, and a Flying type for Gogoat.

Champion Nemona guide

Nemona talks about her rival.

Beating the champion is never the end, right? You always need one last dramatic battle with your opponent. In this case, it’s Nemona and it doesn’t pack any punches in the ultimate battle. You’ll have gotten to know some of his team since you’ve fought him a few times by now, but this is the strongest of his Pokémon so far. The final hurdle to becoming a League Champion will be:

  • Lycancroc — Level 65 (Rock type)
  • Orthworm — Level 65 (Steel type)
  • Goodra — Level 65 (Dragon type)
  • Pawmot — Level 65 (Electric/Combat type)
  • Dudunsparce — Level 65 (Normal type)
  • (Which start opposes yours) — Level 66 (Water/Fighting type with Grass/Darkness, Fire/Ghost or Water/Grass, Fire or Water Terra Form)

Fortunately, Nemona’s crew is mostly uniform, so you can plan some good counters for it. Most of his team are weak against the Ground and Fight types. For example, Lycancroc, Orthworm, and Dudunsparce all share a Martial weakness, but Orthworm can also be eliminated by Earth and Fire. Steel can also handle Lycancroc, but is best for Goodra. If you don’t have a reliable Steel type, Ice will also work here. If you want to dress up and make the final battle more exciting – and why not – then hide your launcher in Terra Form to counter Nemona’s last Pokémon.

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