How did Sean Monahan create a lasting legacy in Calgary?

INTERNSHIP: When you get to know him and see his personality, he is a pretty funny guy.

BUMMA: This is dry sense of humor. He’s easy to get along with, easy to talk to, and obviously a great player from the start.

No. He was one of the guys we brought in and had lunch with before the draft – we just had a feeling. He was one of the men in that area, placing sixth overall. I remember how easy it was to talk to him – for a young man he was already mature at that age. It was amazing how he was so professional.

BUMMA: He was the best choice so people were expecting a lot from him and he came and played great from the start. And you know, it lasted all year. Obviously, as a rookie, there were bumps along the way, but even as a young player, he did a really good job of just sticking with it and being confident.

INTERNSHIP: It’s just Sean. You know, Mony is just a guy who goes with the flow. He is quite relaxed, but he cares a lot. That’s what he did when all the attention was on you, when there was a lot of pressure on you, and you were just minding your business. He’s a proud man, so he gets to work. He also knows how to get his mental side to flow in the right direction – he doesn’t stoop low, he doesn’t get too high, he just minds his business. That’s why he was successful at such a young age.

Brodi: You know, I think it’s so realistic and comfortable for him that he just lets it go. And I think, as a team, we were somehow seen as powerless. So we put the extra effort into proving people wrong. It was just one of the years with so many comebacks and things like that, and men’s self-confidence rose throughout the year.

INTERNSHIP: You could feel that they were sort of renovating the city, rebuilding a bit, and there was a lot of excitement about the young guys. This is what happens when you lose your superstar – you see who’s next. Those young men came along and, you know, immediately became the center of attention.

And the first was Mony.

Monahan could have been the first – charged with closing the gap between the Iginla era and what followed – but in his second season he received reinforcements in the form of rookie Gaudreau. And from there, one of the series’ all-time duos was born.

No. She and Johnny were at development camp together in the summer and met in a line – it was like instant chemistry. Johnny was feeding Mony, Mony was scoring and you were saying, ‘Oh, this might work one day. [Laughs.] It’s almost like they were playing together 10 years ago.

[After that camp] John went back to school, Mony started playing in the NHL. when they meet again [in 2014]All year, you were like, ‘Wow.

INTERNSHIP: It was incredible to watch how fast it was. Johnny’s rookie year was Mony’s second year – they hit the road with Jiri Hudler. It was just chemistry that was instant and it was there all year. Straight to the playoffs, straight to the last game. It was incredible to watch two little kids do this.

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