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Over the weekend, Renegade Game Studios held a virtual Renegade Con, and that meant some big news from them for your favorite games. Here I will focus on some news about them. Power Rangers titles. you can watch Power Rangers If you want the desktop panel, all the details are below, but I wrote the highlights below.

we will start with Power Rangers Deck Building Game is getting a new expansion called SPD to the rescue. As you can imagine, this brings the popular season Power Rangers SPD and will bring with it 11 characters with signature items, 5 Masters, 6 Zords and more. There’s also a new mechanic for the Enclosure, modeled after the show where Rangers will arrest monsters at the end of fights. There will also be stackable cards, and A-Squad Rangers will be a unique Villain type. SPD to the rescue it’s not a standalone extension, so you can’t add it to the Core Set or Zeo – Stronger Than Before Pre-orders from Renegade to play now start at $30 and you will receive Bonus Pack #4 containing 12 foil character cards from the expansion pack.

Emergency in SPD!

This expansion has everything you need to join or oppose the galactic police force of the future! Emperor Gruumm, leader of the Troobian Empire, threatens to make the next conquest of Earth, using the former A-Team Rangers of the Space Patrol Delta to carry out his nefarious plans. Led by Commander “Doggie” Cruger, the B-Squad Rangers are Earth’s last line of defense.

in the world Power Rangers Heroes of the Gridthe team showed off the new character packs Shadow of Venjix And Ranger Allies Pack #3 Both are available to pre-order for $45 each. They also reviewed the pre-order bonuses you can get if you pre-order both. Firstly, Scenario Book 2 Possesses regularly released scenarios for the game in physical form. Second, you will get Zord Pack #3 featuring Super Zeo Zords, Warrior Wheel and Zeo Mega Battlezord. I love these Zords in the show and it’s very exciting for me.

Finally, there is news for the fans of the series. Power Rangers Role Playing Game. First, a Standalone Package #1 You can pre-order now for $50. This pack contains 191 full color stands for heroes, villains and Zords plus 28 bases in different sizes although they are designed for a 1” grid system. Standee’s includes everything you need for already released adventures. A Fool’s Job inside Core Rulebook, Glutton for PunishmentAnd Adventures in Angel Grove. Overall, I think this is great. I struggle with them all the time, including the Rangers because the game is designed to allow for custom characters and you don’t want your players to feel self-limited because they want to fit in their standee. I understand why they’re doing this, it’s handy and at the end of the day a standee/mini is better than nothing. I wish they would offer some kind of custom service or partnership with Dwarven Forge or Hero Forge or one of the companies where you can design your custom Rangers and get them in mini/standee form.

We also have more information about the new resource book coming out this year. titled beyond the stars and can be pre-ordered for $55, expected to be released in June 2023. Every pre-order will include a free PDF, which will likely be released a little early. Inside beyond the starsYou’ll find new rules for things like summoning allies, space combat, new Roles like Gold, Silver and Ghost Ranger, and more. It’s sure to be a hit with fans and I’m excited. when i first tried Power Rangers RPGI felt it had a lot of flaws in how it was written, but I’m interested in trying again with FAQ 1.2 to clear up old questions.

Fantasy Worlds and Scary Enemies Threaten the Grid!

Across the Stars gives the Power Rangers Role Playing stories all players and GMs need to travel through space and face off against enemies from the Machine Empire, Truubian Empire, Pirate Queen Divatox’s looters and the forces of the United Alliance of Evil! With an entire universe to protect, the Rangers can expect to foil the plans of classic villains like Astronema, General Automon, Scorpius, and even Dark Specter. With new bounty hunters like Darkonda and Dayne and the fearsome Psycho Rangers trying to stop the good powers, enemies won’t wait either!

Finally, it was mentioned that there will be more discussion on March 1, including details for another resource book, Finster’s Monster-Matic Cookbook.

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