‘Harry & Meghan’ on Netflix: Top 10 Comments from the Last Three Episodes

The overwhelming emotion that covered the last three episodes Harry and Meghan It’s sad on Netflix. Saddened that the same paparazzi who chased Princess Diana to her death have learned nothing, and that royal brothers William and Harry will likely never have the close relationship they once had. Bridges have been burned and the way back is hard to see.

Of course, it’s hard to feel so sorry for both parties, both will be buffered by money, extravagant houses, and any material things they might want. But anyone who has ever had a family feud in their life knows the desperation felt when families take sides. Money can’t tape those broken relationships.

The first three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s series mostly revealed the little things, as Meghan calls Harry “H” and sometimes “Jun”. These episodes came until the eve of the couple’s 2018 royal wedding. These three episodes move them through that famous day and try to explain how the couple moved first to Canada and then to California. Reveals from the last three shows are much more personal. Here’s a look at some of them.

  1. Charles and queen demand Meghan’s infamous letter

Much of the last three episodes focus on a five-page letter Meghan wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, essentially begging him to stop speaking to the press about her. It seems Meghan was savvy enough to know from the start that the letter was going to leak, but she wrote it anyway. In the series, King III. along the road.

Much of the letter was published by Mail Online and resulted in a lawsuit that Meghan won. This show is very controversial. But this revelation leaves audiences wondering if the queen and Charles ever had any remorse for insisting that Meghan put their feelings on paper.

2. Wedding details

For royal wedding lovers, the first of three new episodes is the best. There are many never-before-seen pictures from the wedding reception showing Meghan and Harry boogieing on the dance floor. Harry cut the wedding cake with a sword, Elton John took the stage, and the couple’s first dance was to Wilson Pickett’s version of Land of 1000 Dances. I have to wonder if the Queen and Prince Philip noticed obscene words like “Turn around, I like it this way”.

But wedding coverage is bizarre in other ways. There is no discussion about wedding dress design, and no mention is made of the fight between Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Meghan over bridesmaid dresses. Meghan said in her famous Oprah Winfrey interview that Kate made her cry and then sent flowers as an apology. But the full focus of the fight, with many speculating over the fit of Princess Charlotte’s dress or whether the little girl attendants should wear tights, will apparently remain private.

3. Sweet moments with the Queen

Thank god the queen herself was never really underestimated on the show, because who needs a second US-UK war? In fact, clips are shown of Meghan making the queen laugh heartily at their first engagement together, with Meghan revealing that the queen had fluffed a blanket over her granddaughter’s legs while they were on a cold car ride together. Ayy…

4. Kate headlines versus Meghan headlines

This has been discussed before, but the series showed how differently British tabloids have treated Kate and Meghan. Kate was praised for hugging her pregnant belly, Meghan was ridiculed for doing it too much. Kate wore an off-the-shoulder dress for her fashion taste, while Meghan wore one and was criticized for it. Of course, no one from the tabloids makes any statements.

5. Leaks from inside the palace

The show is all over the place in how it explains things, but essentially, Harry and Meghan are saying that people at the palace will be spreading bad news about them so that the press will delay writing bad things about the other members. Royal family.

A sad note arrives when Harry tells him that he and William have seen this, two different palace camps clashing, and have vowed never to do so. And now he claims it was distressing to him “to see my brother’s office copy the same thing we promised we would never do”.

6. Photographing the baby

Royal parents with their newborn baby in St. She poses on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, showing them for photographs. All three children of William, Harry and William were born there.

Still, Meghan delivered Archie at Portland Hospital in London. She didn’t go out with the baby in her arms in the hours after the birth, and in the series it was the hospital’s St. He says it’s because it doesn’t have the same kind of safe field of view as Mary’s. (But didn’t Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew take such photos at Portland Hospital when Eugenie and Beatrice were born? This was never addressed.)

Anyway, Meghan and Harry showed off with Archie a few days later, but according to the series, the press wasn’t happy with the two-day wait and made all sorts of headlines about how spoiled the new parents were. wanting to make decisions about their own newborn.

7. Racism Against Meghan

Racism due to Meghan’s mixed-race background played a major role in the couple’s departure to North America.

A gruesome example came after Archie’s birth, when a social media user shared a photo of a couple holding the hands of a dressed-up chimpanzee, captioning it as if it were Meghan, Harry and Archie.

That person (not a celebrity) later apologized, claiming that they didn’t consider the racist aspect of calling an African woman’s child a monkey, and simply meant the couple’s and chimpanzee’s formal attire. (Either way, what’s going on, social media user?)

But the one unexploded bomb that remained from the Oprah interview was never detonated. In that interview, Meghan said that a member of the royal family asked how dark her baby’s skin would be.

Harry then swore he would never reveal who said it, which led many to speculate that it was a royal family member who was very, very close to Harry. (He said he wasn’t the Queen or Prince Philip.) The topic was not brought up, true to his word, Harry seems intent on keeping the royal name to himself.

8. Battle for Departure

There’s a lot of back and forth about Harry and Meghan’s decision to move to Canada and then the US. Apparently, there was a family reunion where Harry was presented with five choices, number 1 “no change” and number 5 meaning the couple was completely out of royal duties. She says she tried to pick number 3, half inside, half outside and the couple even volunteered to pay their own expenses but still showed up for the queen. Apparently they were told that only options 1 and 5 could be selected. It’s at this meeting where things break down.

“It was terrible when my brother yelled at me and my father said things that were absolutely not true, and my grandmother just sat there silently perceiving everything,” said Harry.

When stories began to surface saying that William had bullied Harry out of the country, a supposed joint statement emerged from the brothers saying that this was not true. But some “common phrases” — Harry says he didn’t know anything about him until the press saw his name on the show after the press picked him up.

9. Meghan’s miscarriage

Meghan, who had Archie in 2019 and Lilibet in 2021, became pregnant again but miscarried. He wrote this for The New York Times, it’s no secret. In the series, however, Harry blames the miscarriage for The Mail’s release of his letter to his father.

“I believe my wife had a miscarriage because of what Mail did,” he said. “I watched everything. Now, do we know for sure that the miscarriage was caused by this? Of course we don’t,” she said, noting that the stress and insomnia from worrying about the case contributed to the loss.

“From what I’ve seen I can tell that her miscarriage is what they were trying to do to her,” she said.

10. Life in California Today

The couple looks so happy in Montecito, California, while Harry brags about how he and his family can do things that he would never have done in his homeland.

In a scene shot in Big Sur, the couple find their way to a deserted beach. In another, her cousin Eugenie comes to visit and she and Harry attend the Super Bowl. Despite Meghan and Samantha’s estrangement, Meghan is reunited with her half-sister, Samantha Markle’s daughter, Ashleigh.

They hide their Easter eggs for their children to find, and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, is a constant, loving, grandmotherly part of their lives. Harry drives around town in a black Audi SUV. He has two dogs. He’s friends with Tyler Perry (who lets them live in his mansion for a while) and at least they meet Beyonce. (Even Harry, who is as famous as ever, gets knocked down when the singer sends out a supporting text after his Oprah interview.)

However, Harry says he misses the big traditional gatherings with the extended royal family, and the couple call one of William’s staff members for acting against them. (Staff denies being anything but neutral towards the couple in a statement shown in the final seconds of the final episode.)

No matter how little William’s name is mentioned, it seems clear that the brothers are still divided into warring camps, and it is unclear how or why they will reconcile. Diana may have celebrated Harry’s move to the United States, as she herself said she wanted to do. But she would probably be upset that her two sons, who were once so close, are now an ocean away, physically and otherwise.

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