Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Funniest Moments

The Guardians grapple with the despair of Peter Quill after battling interstellar threats in previous films of the MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and try to revive Kevin Bacon by abducting him from Earth.


The film begins with a humorous song born out of cultural unconsciousness. The soloist sings about the exploitation of “creepy elves” by Santa Claus.


He then continues with insights about Mrs Claus’s profession and her feelings for her bearded husband.


A secret of Mantis leads her to bring Peter Quill a special Christmas gift and to help Gamora cope with her loss. But Drax guesses the secret completely wrong.


Mantis and Drax bathe in a bar and spend all their money. Then Mantis not only bewitches a woman into giving her a map of Hollywood showing the homes of famous actors, but also robs her.


Drax throws Mantis over the door when she’s mid-sentence and not ready.


Drax is helpless when the cops shoot him down because they tickled him, not because of any injuries to his face.


Mantis explains very haphazardly and innocently why they kidnapped Kevin Bacon.


Mantis and Drax are disgusted when they learn that Kevin Bacon is an actor and not a real hero!


One of the funniest and rather unexpected moments in the movie is when Kevin Bacon says:


Drax is completely unaware of the seriousness of his crime.


Rocket was calming Kevin Bacon, but the moment he is called a “talking raccoon,” he angrily attacks Bacon.


Knowing his team, Peter must warn Nebula to bring Kevin Bacon back alive.


Another moment that drove me crazy was when Kevin Bacon was in deep space receiving a call from his iPhone on the Verizon network.


Nebula’s awareness of the actors was hilarious and also relevant in our time when so many “loved” celebrities were exposed as disgusting people.


Rocket and Cosmo make their own version of decorating the Christmas tree by decorating a talking, dancing tree, namely Groot.

What were your favorite moments?

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