Giants’ Farhan Zaidi said his team immediately conveyed their concerns about Carlos Correa.

SAN FRANCISCO – Giants manager Farhan Zaidi said the club immediately expressed its concerns to Carlos Correa’s representative when an issue emerged in the short centre’s physical examination that led to the collapse of the deal.

Zaidi, San Francisco’s head of baseball operations, spoke publicly on Friday for the first time since Correa’s $350 million 13-year contract fell through December 20. day. Correa and his manager Scott Boras then struck a new deal with the Mets for $315 million over 12 years.

“On Monday, on the phone with Scott Boras, we did an inspection of Carlos when his plane landed in San Francisco at 5 pm, and these conversations continued from that point on, so any suggestion that this was something at the 11th hour was just right. not,” Zaidi said in a video interview with a small group of beat reporters. “As soon as we got information, we shared it. We have a good working relationship with Scott Boras and his agency.”

Zaidi confirmed that the Giants and Correa’s camp had “difference on medical review”.

According to a person with direct knowledge of the negotiations who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity due to confidentiality rules, there were differing opinions about a right ankle injury and surgery in 2014 when the star infielder was on the Class A ball. Correa’s deal with the Mets is being delayed by similar concerns.

Zaidi said it’s important and standard practice for the front desk to “refer to them immediately to raise their concerns and not wait until the last possible second.” He stated that he has a good relationship with Boras.

In fact, the Giants were about to conclude a $36 million two-year contract with outfielder Michael Conforto, another Boras client who had already passed a successful physical.

According to Zaidi, as Correa’s contract with New York is still unfinished, San Francisco “has had some talks since then” with Boras, but “they’re focused on a deal elsewhere at this point, so I think it’s time to agree with us at this point.” , very unlikely given their location.”

Also, Zaidi wanted to emphasize to the Giants’ loyal fan base that every decision was taken as a whole, not by a single person.

Zaidi said, “There is something I would like to clarify, and I think it’s really important for us as an organization that our fans hear from me and hopefully believe that our organization is fully united at every step.” , “in the initial follow-up, in the negotiation and, unfortunately, in what happens after.”

Zaidi has come under criticism after abducting Aaron Judge and then Correa this season. While Zaidi describes it as a “frustrating situation” for everyone involved, he tries to keep it all in perspective: “This is baseball, I feel really lucky to be in this business, I love it, I love the responsibility that comes in. And part of my responsibility is, supporting and raising other people when things don’t go your way and not dwelling too much on negativity.”

It passes review and looks forward to continuing to improve the roster for 2023. Zaidi, 46, a former assistant general manager at Oakland Athletics, joined the Giants in November 2018 from his previous job as GM. dodgers

“It’s always a bit jarring when you open your Twitter app just to see what’s going on in the world and your name is trending, and that’s usually not a good thing,” he said. “At the end of the day, I realize it’s about the region. We have fans who really care about this team, who are really committed to this team, and at the end of the day, our job is just to build a fun team that’s hard to watch. The field.”

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