Giants, Cowboys or Bills – Odell Beckham Jr. where will it land?

Odell Beckham Jr. The derby heats up as the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are believed to be at the forefront of the group. But don’t count the Buffalo Bills.

Beckham was kicked off an American Airlines flight on Sunday, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the incident would have no impact on his future with the team. His visits with the Giants and Bills were also unaffected.

Beckham is scheduled to meet with the Bills on Friday, but it looks like the Giants and Cowboys will likely get the coveted free agent. After the Cowboys dominate the Giants in the second half of Thanksgiving, the two division rivals face off off the court.

Jones already had a conversation with Beckham. He said it was a “great meeting”. The Cowboys, who have a scheduled visit with the buyer on Monday, are publicly recruiting Beckham. They’re considered “favorites,” according to a source with knowledge of the condition.

Quarterback Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliott, and defender Micah Parsons made their pitches.

The Giants are expected to meet with Beckham starting Thursday. This is the session to get to know him for the new regime. The Giants perhaps work more behind the scenes with two of their close friends on the roster, Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard. During their farewell week, Barkley and Shepard attended Beckham’s flamboyant birthday party in California.

Beckham, who tore the ACL in his left knee in a Super Bowl win with the Los Angeles Rams in February, is believed to be close to full health. It’s been nine months since his injury and he is expected to sign a new team in the next few weeks.

Where is the question?

Why will Beckham sign with Dallas?

If it’s about winning, how can it not be the Cowboys? They swept the Giants this season. Which team is ready for a better postseason run? Cowboys. Which quarterback would he prefer to have? Prescott The Giants might offer him a larger role as a buyer from the get-go, considering the Cowboys have at CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup, but the Cowboys have more chances for them in every other department.

From Jones to Prescott, Elliott, Lamb and Parsons, the Cowboys put a full-court recruiting pressure on Beckham that would make Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari proud. Normally, Jones is quiet when it comes to free agents for fear of affecting the competitive nature of the negotiations. He did not shy away from his desire to recruit Beckham. — Todd Archer

Why is Beckham making the Cowboys rivals?

This question cannot really be fully answered without knowing how healthy he is and what kind of condition he is in. But if all this turns out to be true, then it gives the Cowboys another option from the outside. If anything happens to Lamb or Gallup, they’ll have pretty good insurance policies.

The Cowboys are a first to run team with Elliott and Tony Pollard, but there will come a time when they’ll have to throw the ball to win, especially in key games in the downturn and playoffs. Beckham showed last season with the Rams that he can learn a system quickly and be successful. But there should be a warning because of the directory. Gallup tore an ACL about a month before Beckham and needed time to get in shape. Could Beckham really be Beckham in a short time? — Archer

Beckham re-signs with Dallas in 2023

I guess that’s the assumption he’ll accept a one-year offer as a loaner. Considering how strict they can be against the 2023 salary cap, this might be good for the Cowboys. But if not, then the Cowboys will have to carry quite a bit of money to make it all work. Prescott’s salary cap next year is $49.13 million, and the only way the Cowboys can relax is to extend his contract.

There will be financial decisions they will make about Tyron Smith and Elliott, and they will also try to retain Pollard, tight side Dalton Schultz, security Donovan Wilson and 17 others scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after this season. They could also initiate first-time overtime talks with Lamb and cornerer Trevon Diggs. The Cowboys were interested in acquiring Brandin Cooks from Houston Texans by the deadline, but one of the hesitations was the $18 million guaranteed to him in 2023. If Beckham is looking for high-end money, then this might not work. or require Cowboys to get out of their financial comfort zone as freelancers. — Archer



The “Sunday NFL Countdown” team analyzes who has the best bet on buying Odell Beckham Jr. and the value he will add to a particular series.

Why will Beckham sign with New York?

Well, this is New York. Big apple. Picking 12th overall in 2014, Beckham burst onto the scene with a breathtaking catch against the same Cowboys who wanted to sign him. That means something to Beckham. Being on the same team as Barkley and Shepard (even with an injury as a backup) is a tempting proposition. They continue to be two of his closest friends. But as Barkley recently said, it makes sense to return to New York, where Beckham began his career and reached stardom. It would allow Beckham to stay in the spotlight and take care of unfinished business.

In his only playoff game with the Giants, who lost to the Green Bay Packers in 2016, he played without a doubt the worst game of his career. “I think it would be a great story to go back to where you were before and continue to drive success,” Barkley said. The running back Giants star told ESPN after Thursday’s game that he speaks regularly with Beckham. They just talked last week. Beckham also maintained a friendly relationship with the Giants proprietor (John Mara and Steve Tisch) despite the messy divorce in 2018. His hostility was always directed at former general manager Dave Gettleman. — Jordan Raanan

Why does it make Giants rivals?

Giants’ need for the position is well documented. They send drill teams there on a weekly basis at the border. Any weapon will be a boost to their offense and quarterback Daniel Jones. But what Beckham can bring to the table this season is unknown. This is something Barkley has said over and over – Barkley needed a lot of time to recover after tearing the ACL.

Beckham tears the same ACL a second time. Beckham is 30 years old and hasn’t done a single practice repetition during his season. Not in spring, summer or autumn. The range of results varies greatly when returned. Still, it’s hard to imagine him not being an NFL quality receiver. Even if it was just a contributor, the Giants would have accepted it. It’s safe to say it could be equal to or number 2 with Darius Slayton by default. The Giants don’t have much else in their position. — Raanan

He will likely re-sign with New York in 2023.

All I’ve heard is that Beckham wants more than a one-year deal. He wants a guaranteed amount of money going forward. The deals signed by Chris Godwin of Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Mike Williams of Los Angeles Chargers were mentioned. This seems unrealistic, especially for Giants. On the contrary, general manager Joe Schoen has been extremely disciplined financially this season.

During this season, he hasn’t signed a single sign that wasn’t for veteran players. One of its primary goals was to streamline the Giants salary cap this year and for the future. Investing a substantial amount of money in the future with Beckham doesn’t seem to fit what he’s doing. But from the start, there has been talk that Beckham will go elsewhere for the remainder of this season and join the Giants next year. Perhaps that’s a more likely scenario than Beckham is signing there right now. — Raanan

Why Beckham will sign with Buffalo

Josh Allen is a good place to start. Playing with the fifth-year quarterback has been part of the appeal of the team’s many additions over the past year. The Bills squad is one of the best in football, despite the recent decline in offensive performance in the five-game run since goodbye week. They have shown the ability to win close matches and despite not playing their best football they still have an 8-3 record. There are also plenty of opportunities to play a big role on offense with the Bills hurting at wide receiver (Jamison Crowder, Marquez Stevenson and Jake Kumerow are currently injured in reserve).

The team’s wide receiver depth behind Stefon Diggs also didn’t quite reach the level Bills wanted, so adding someone like Beckham will give him plenty of opportunities to be an integral part of a solid offensive group.

And what could be better than joining a team with your friends? Hasty Von Miller has been hiring Beckham publicly to join the Bills for months, and he’s certainly doing it behind the scenes as well. The couple won the Super Bowl with the Rams last season, and Miller’s word can definitely go a long way. Beckham’s former LSU teammate, corner player Tre’Davious White, also sent Beckham “probably 2,700 Buffalo Bills emojis”. — Alaina Getzenberg

Why does it make Buffalo a competitor?

The Bills are an opponent without Beckham, but adding a receiver of his caliber makes this team that much stronger. Bills general manager Brandon Beane said earlier this month, “If we think he can help this team, we’d be crazy if we didn’t at least look into it.”

As a goal for Allen, it would not only contribute to the Bills’ welcome play, but also distract some of the attention from Diggs, who has been at career-record speed in the fielders and goalscorer this season. As a team, the Bills have the third most drops in the NFL (20), with Gabe Davis (six) and Isaiah McKenzie (four) combining 10 of them. The team’s #2 receiver, Davis, dropped 10% of his goals. More consistency and reliability in the position will go a long way in helping Allen, and while Beckham’s production hasn’t quite reached the level of his early career, he hasn’t dropped any of his 48 regular season goals with the Rams. last season.

The Bills don’t need Beckham to come in and be #1, they need Diggs for that. But this group of buyers has been a weakness at times, and adding someone with his talent and experience can provide the boost the offense needs. — Getzenberg

He will likely re-sign with Buffalo in 2023.

Definitely within the possibilities. The Bills have locked many of their key players for the foreseeable future and are consistently looking to be contenders for the Super Bowl. This is exactly what a team was created for. It must be an attractive place for Beckham to settle in and play multiple seasons, especially after hearing about Miller’s experience.

The question here may come down to how much Beckham is willing to pay and to what extent can he trust the Bills’ ability to stay healthy over a longer period of time. Beckham had just two seasons playing in every regular season game.

Buffalo has multiple debutants to hit the free agency this year, with major contributions to the defense at defender Tremaine Edmunds and safety Jordan Poyer. The Bonds currently have the lowest available salary gap in the league for 2023, according to ESPN’s roster management, but that could change. Beane talked about wanting to not only put all the chips in one basket (or season), but build a team that runs Super Bowls all the time. There may be a fit here as the Bills can use it in 2023, but it’s not a requirement for the future for the Bills to sign him long-term, as help may be found elsewhere. — Getzenberg

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