“Gareth Southgate is one of the most overrated England managers of all time”

@Jeff Black:

“Two teams on equal terms and a gripping game from start to finish. It was one of those games where one mistake and a little luck could change everything. The referee was awful. But in the end, if you score a vital penalty, you deserve to go out.”

@David Bewick:

“Jordan Pickford should have saved the first goal and Kane looked like a carriage again. No wonder 16 of his goals for England are penalties but he misses when it really matters – shocking. It didn’t help that Gareth Southgate scored our game. Bukayo Saka). Game management has always been and always has been shocking.”

@Andrew Hicks:

“France were a much better team. They seemed to score every time they went forward, whereas England were slow and clumsy, playing back and sideways as usual.”

@Paul Westfield:

“You can’t blame Harry Kane. He already scored a goal, the pressure was ridiculous. Roy Keane put it very well: You have to find a way to win. If you can’t score, there’s no point in having a chance.”

@Brett Watkin:

“England played well and really tried. People miss penalties, that’s life. Saka, Jude Bellingham and Jordan Henderson were great. Most of the team played well. It’s not a shame to be knocked out by world champions.”

@Carey Miles:

“It’s ridiculous to blame Southgate. Bar pulled out Saka, the best player on the pitch, Kyle Walker kept Kylian Mbappe in his pocket, Antoine Griezmann was classy, ​​Kane missed the penalty but England was definitely better in the second half and Kane probably would have continued if he had scored Well, we’ll have to wait another four years.”

@Mark Lambert:

“Others may think differently but I personally am not devastated. I’m not very excited about this England team, it doesn’t feel like they are uniting the country like they did in past years. Actually I thought they were playing. Better than the French, but the French are the better team, but that’s what happened, now the Premier League Let’s go back to ! “

Referee decisions: ‘Good football is only marred by the referee’

@Runtime VIA:

“This was a good football match to watch, it was only marred by the referee who clearly made very questionable decisions. England played well, they were positive and they took the game to France. So it’s a shame we lost but someone has to lose.”

@lynne george:

“It’s good to see Gary Neville showing true English sportsmanship in the defeat, which was the fault of a ‘poor referee’. No! France scored more goals than England, which is the whole point of the game.”

@Mr Pleb:

“The referee was a disgrace. The foul on Saka that led to the goal and the failure to give Kane the first penalty changed the match from a 2-1 loss to a 2-1 win. Shocking performance by a referee.”

@Mark HL:

“England was excellent. The referee on the other hand…”

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