From fancy crackers to traditional options, from M&S to Jo Malone, the best Christmas crackers of 2022


Who Invented Christmas Crackers?

Tom Smith, a London confectioner in the 1840s, according to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has some of the earliest examples in its collection. He took the French idea of ​​paper-wrapped bonbons popular at Christmas and added two thin strips of paper, one with a silver fulminate paint and the other with an abrasive finish. When separated, friction caused the silver fulminate to burst with a “crack”.

Instead of a joke, Smith included a love slogan inside each cracker. It was his son, Walter, who added hand-made novelty gifts and tissue paper crowns for decades; In the 1890s the company employed 2,000 people.

How to make your own Christmas crackers

All you need is a kitchen roll, some decorative paper, some ribbon and a cracker (£2.30 for 24 on Amazon).

  1. Cut your kitchen roll into one long roller (for the body) and two short rollers (for the handles).
  2. Where you just cut, create zigzag ‘teeth’ along the edges. This will facilitate the assembly of the cracker.
  3. Put your paper crown (£7.99 per 100 on Amazon), cracker pranks (from £1.49 on eBay) and gift into the long cylinder and thread the cracker snap through
  4. Wrap all three pieces of the kitchen roll tube in decorative paper with the zigzag teeth touching and the snap coming out at both ends. Tape the paper together. Use it to pinch the strip where the zigzag teeth are to create the handles. Trim each end and you’re done
  5. Instead of using decorative paper, why not let the kids decorate it themselves? Or write the names of the guests and personalize the gifts for that person.

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