For Modern Warfare II players, this is the best weekend to grind.

If you’re trying to unlock the best camouflages for each weapon or increase your Operator’s rank, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, this weekend will be the best time to grind. With the launch of Season 01 Reloaded comes the perfect storm for quick and easy leveling up – the Double XP weekend and the return of the iconic (and chaotic) Shipment map.

The shipping map is one of the smallest maps in Call of Duty. It takes place on a cargo ship full of shipping containers and has virtually no protection except for a few containers you can enter.

Despite the 24/7 Submissions playlist limiting teams to just six players, the way the map works makes it feel like hundreds of enemies have been squeezed into this tiny map. Due to the extremely compact setting, spawn points are a complete mess – you never know where the enemy team will come from. You can turn any corner on the map and the bullets will fly towards you. This makes Dispatch the perfect map to speed up kills.

Wander around every corner with shotguns and one-shot enemies, or swing an SMG and blast through narrow corridors to get a double kill. Assault rifles are absolutely deadly, and the overall length of the map is shorter than the maximum range for most options. Snipers and LMGs are a bit more difficult to use given the fast nature of the map (with RAAL MG you’ll be dead before you can ADS), but you can handle it if you play a little slower.

No matter what camouflage challenge you’re trying to complete or whatever weapon you’re trying to level up, you’ll be able to level up easily even with your least favorite weapons while playing Dispatch. Rookies who rarely have positive kill-death ratios can get away with a clean 25 kills, while more experienced players can get 40, 50 or even 60 kills without much effort.

When leveling up the Bryson 800 shotgun, I was terrified to try the gold camo challenge, which requires getting three kills without dying in 10 separate spawns. It’s not impossible, but it’s always a pain to try on some normal, larger maps. I was only able to get there in two games on Shipment. You gain more experience faster than other maps, even if you’re not in great shape and die more than eliminated.

If the shipping grind wasn’t easy enough, you’ll get even more experience with Double XP this weekend to celebrate the new season. Double XP and Double Weapon XP will be available on all platforms during the extended launch weekend from December 15 at 10:00 PT to December 19 at 10:00 PT.

The Shipment will be included in playlists throughout Season 1, but there’s no promise that the 24/7 Shipment playlist will stay for long or that the map will be included after the end of the season. Make sure you take advantage of this crazy leveling opportunity this weekend and make some moves to earn Orion camos.

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