Everything you need to remember from ‘Avatar’ before you see ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

More than a decade has passed since James Cameron’s sci-fi epic. avatar hit the theaters first and destroyed the box office records. It has since become the highest-grossing film of all time, losing that title. Avengers: Endgame, then reposted after reposting. It also became a meme as “the most popular movie nobody remembers”.

Now its sequel Avatar: The Way of Water making its way to theaters, it’s time to refresh the lore that supports Cameron’s universe. Here’s a crash course on everything avatar before hitting multiplex.

Where does it avatar take part?

Behold, the floating mountains of Pandora.
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setting avatar that’s what drives the movie, so it’s an excellent starting point for our recap journey. avatar It is set in Pandora, a moon covered with lush forests and floating mountains. The indigenous people of Pandora are the Na’vi, three-metre-tall blue aliens who invade their home, who are not kind to what they call “sky people.”

Why are people on Pandora?

Inside avatarThe main group of people at Pandora is the Resource Development Association (RDA). Their goal? Mining of the highly valuable unobtainium compound. What is unobtainium? Well, don’t really worry about that. All you need to know is that the RDA’s methods have caused widespread ecological destruction, putting them in conflict with the Na’vi. To connect with the Na’vi and explore Pandora without human casualties, a group of RDA scientists, Dr. Participates in the “avatar program” run by Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver).


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What is is an avatar?

An avatar is a human-Na’vi hybrid body that a human can remotely control with their mind. This gives a pilot many advantages, including greater speed, agility and the ability to breathe Pandora air, which is poisonous to humans. However, not everyone can use an avatar as a pilot. Each avatar is grown from a human’s DNA. Only that human can act as a pilot.

who is the main character Is it your avatar?

A human looks at a Na'vi body floating in a suspension tank.

Jake and his avatar.
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That would be Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). Jake is a paraplegic sailor and his identical twin, Tommy, needs to be in the avatar show. However, when Tommy died on Earth, the RDA offered the contract to Jake, whose DNA matched Tommy’s already grown (and therefore extremely expensive to manufacture) avatar. Jake with his marine experience is brought in as a security detail for scientists including Grace, Norm (Joel David Moore) and Max (Dileep Rao). He also agrees to spy on the Na’vi for the RDA without the scientists’ knowledge.

Jake meets a Na’vi named Neytiri (Zoe SaldaƱa) during a trip in the forests of Pandora. He spares his life thanks to a sign from the Na’vi goddess Eywa. Because of this sign, his clan, the Omaticaya people, agree to teach Jake their method. It didn’t take long for Jake to change allegiances from the BKA to his newfound clan.

What are the Na’vi customs that I need to remember?

Learning about Na’vi traditions is a large part of learning. avatarand quite a few Avatar: The Way of Water. The most important thing to remember is that the chief god of the Na’vi is Eywa or the Great Mother. It is the life force of Pandora and according to the Na’vi belief, everything returns to Eywa upon death. The place where you can feel Eywa most closely is the Tree of Souls.

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Another important part of Na’vi culture is the tsaheylu: the mental bond between living things. This bond is achieved by tying a Na’vi’s braid to a similar braid found in all animals and even some plants, such as the Tree of Spirits. The Na’vi also tie their braids together when they mate, so the whole process is felt in the first movie. strangely sexual. Do not worry; actually that’s not the case Avatar: The Way of Water.

The Na’vi use their braids to bind animals for riding, and the most important of these animals to remember are the flying hunters known as ikran. To become a Na’vi hunter in the Omaticaya clan, you must climb floating mountains and tame one. Jake succeeds and passes the test to become a hunter.

Who are the bad guys inside? Is it your avatar?

A man in a giant mechanical suit.

Daddy dragon wants to dance.
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The entire BKA is filled with villainous characters, but the Big Bad you need to remember is Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). He is a loyal military type determined to destroy the Na’vi to further the RDA’s mission. And he almost succeeds! He and RDA blew up the Omaticaya Hometree and then attempt to destroy the Tree of Souls as well. At one point before the war, he calls himself “dragon dad”, and while that’s not important to the plot, it’s important to me.

Quaritch died fighting with Neytiri avatarthe third act meets its end at the tips of its arrows. However, Lang returns as Quaritch. Avatar: The Way of Water, so it is clear that it has not yet completely disappeared. Just remember, he has a bone to pick with Jake and Neytiri.

How avatar end?

A Na'vi is growling.

Think you scared me.
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When they learn of Jake’s role as a spy, the Na’vi imprison him. After the attack on Hometree, however, Jake regains the Na’vi’s trust by taming a large flying predator known as a toruk. By doing so, he gains the Toruk Makto title bestowed upon the great Na’vi heroes. He, the Na’vi, and Pandora’s wildlife team up to defeat the RDA and prevent them from destroying the Tree of Souls. The defeated humans were banished from Pandora, except for a few scientists who wanted to stay like Norm and Max.

But there are some losses before the Na’vi achieve victory. The biggest person to remember is Grace, who was shot by Quaritch. Omaticaya tries to transfer her soul to her avatar body permanently, but fails. As he dies, he tells Jake that he was able to see Eywa.

Elsewhere, Jake and Neytiri choose each other as wives. Then, after the final battle, Omaticaya tries to bring her soul into her avatar body forever. This time they succeed and Jake wakes up in his own avatar.

And that’s it! You are now ready to return to Pandora. Avatar: The Way of Water takes ten years after the end of the first movie. We are catching up with Jake, Neytiri and their growing families. But it’s not all fun and play: A new threat looms on the horizon as the sky people make their terrifying turns. Haven’t they done enough?

Avatar: The Way of Water now in theaters.

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