Everything You Need To Know About 2022 on Tiffany, CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Adidas, and Web3

Intellectual property

Owners of assets such as Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club also have IP rights, meaning they can commercialize said assets. This has allowed Tiffany & Co to create bespoke jeweled NFTiff pendants for individual CryptoPunk holders and have their Punk realized as bespoke physical pendants with additional NFTs that can be traded separately to the physical version. After the July announcement and the printing of NFT versions, visualizations of the pendants started arriving this month.

FYI, the original price paid by the owners was ETH30 (around $50,000) and only NFT versions are now traded between ETH40 and ETH50 on OpenSea. Alexandre Arnault, Vice President of Product and Communications at Tiffany & Co, recently asked his Twitter followers if Tiffany & Co would be working on another crypto project, hinting that a possible follow-up is likely. Anyone have a Jeweled Bored Monkey Yacht Club Tiffany necklace?

PFP Wearables Come True

In November, adidas Originals launched a PFP dress-up tool that allows it to be worn by PFP avatars from compatible collaborative collections, as well as the new digital product category Virtual Gear — originally Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club. While it was previously possible to ‘burn’ virtual clothing into a PFP as a permanent addition, the real game changer is that the new tool allows users to change the outfits of their PFPs the same way they can with those of regular avatars like Ready Player Me.

Artist Copyrights

This month, Warner Music Group partnered with digital fashion retailer DRESSX to provide a platform for artists to design their own virtual fashion series on Instagram, Snapchat, and more. IRL celebrity fashion collaborations are already a lucrative business, and this year the dial has already begun to move into the metaverse. Formerly known for collaborating with Topshop, supermodel Kate Moss has appeared as a guest avatar in the interactive design game Drest Lucy Yeomans and has joined forces with jewelery brand Messika.

CRM and Fraud Prevention

If digital fashion keeps you cold, digital twins can do a lot more than just dress up your avatar. Swiss startup Origyn creates blockchain-based digital certificates for luxury watches and photographs the watch in 360 degrees to create its biometric passport. Warranties are also embedded in the certificate. Web3 plugin Mintouge, co-founded by a former Meta employee, enables brands to provide after-sales customer service, digitize physical assets and communicate via a digital twin of a product stored in a related application;

Beauty Job

Just as digital fashion wearables have become more interoperable, the same is true for makeup. In June, Clinique had digital makeup looks written into the Non Fungible People community’s PFPs, but fast forward to November when L’Oréal collaborated with Maybelline New York and L’Oréal Professional hair and makeup looks, as well as cross-play avatar platform Ready Player Me. One way or another, it can be changed as easily as a digital t-shirt.

Marketing in the Meta Universe

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup, official timekeeper Hublot built a stadium in the photorealistic Spatial metaverse with a media wall showcasing campaign images featuring friends and ambassadors like French international striker Kylian Mbappé. The activation shows how brand marketing campaigns can have an additional dimension of metadata beyond traditional advertising.

Futureproof Fashion

Brands protect their physical heritage by introducing them to a new web3 local generation. During Metaverse Fashion Week in March, Paco Rabanne showcased 12 lucrative NFT dresses used to purchase vintage pieces from his physical archive. Gucci’s latest pop-up in The Sandbox game is vintage, with looks from Dapper Dan to Marc Jacobs redesigned using The Sandbox’s voxed language, while the CFDA is currently hosting its 60th anniversary gaming exhibit. included activities such as restoring a Gucci bag. Web3 vintage wearables brand MNTGE recreates clothing from the archive of adidas collaborator Sean Wotherspoon for digital customization by artists.

Let’s Get Physical

If Web3 is to reach the projected $81.5 million market size for 2030, the name of the game will be mass adoption, which means involving the non-digital indigenous population. Enter startups like Paris’ NFT factory, which launched in October with an NFT art exhibition and web3 training courses, and physical pop-ups like Printemps’ activation with DressX. Philipp Plein was one of the early adopters in April of a London flagship that includes an NFT art gallery and metaverse information center with tutorials on setting up a digital wallet and navigating the process of buying NFTs and digital fashion.

Mark your diaries for Metaverse Fashion Week 2 in March.

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