Elon Musk says Twitter’s 280 character limit will rise to 4000

Twitter CEO Elon Musk still wants to eliminate the micro dimension of microblogging, promising once again to increase the platform’s character limit. This time the proposed increase is from 280 to 4000 – more than 14 times the current cut.

This latest indication of Musk’s Twitter plans came via his own account over the weekend. Asked by a Twitter user? “It’s true that Twitter is set to increase the character count from 280 to 4000” Musk responded with just three characters: “Yes.”

This isn’t the first time the billionaire has announced that Twitter will increase its character count. In November, Musk answered a similar question, tweeting that expanding Twitter’s character limit was “something to do.” [sic] List.” This referred to a limit of 1000 characters rather than the recently proposed limit of 4000.

Whatever the exact number, it seems likely that Twitter will see a significant character count increase in the future.

Mashable took to Twitter for comment, because we enjoy the whistling sound emails make when they fall into the bottomless pit of Twitter’s abandoned press inbox.


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While it’s probably not Musk’s top priority, there’s no indication of when Twitter’s character limit increase might occur. Since the new CEO took over, Twitter has publicly struggled with hastily implemented new features and mass layoffs that have caused widespread chaos. during the weekend Musk reportedly threatened to sue Twitter employees speaking to the press.

Twitter had previously increased its character count from 140 to 280 under then-CEO Jack Dorsey in 2017. The original 140 limit was based on SMS’s 160-character limit, as at the time Twitter sent messages as text messages from accounts you followed. . This became more and more trivial with the advent of smartphones, and in 2020 Twitter discontinued its SMS service in most countries.

While many were skeptical of Twitter’s 280-character jump at the time, users eventually got used to the new norm. Still, multiplying Twitter’s character limit by 14 is far from doubling it and could fundamentally change Twitter’s nature as a microblogging platform. Judging by his actions so far, Musk doesn’t seem very interested in protecting the Twitter as we know it.

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