Elon Musk Remains Silent After Kanye West Threatens to Overcome Alex Jones Twitter Ban

Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, said on Thursday that he plans to give Infowars host Alex Jones access to his Twitter account, effectively breaking the platform’s ban on the notorious conspiracy theorist.

Jones was permanently banned from the site in 2018 for violating the abusive behavior policy. He used the platform to spread lies that incited school harassment that hit survivors and families of victims.

While Musk has allowed far-right names to return to the site since his chaotic acquisition of the company, he promised last month that Jones’ account would not be reactivated and said he “shows no mercy” to those who “will use it”. children dying for profit, politics or fame.”

During an extremely disturbing appearance on Infowars on Thursday, Ye told Jones and the white nationalist organizer Nick Fuentes, who had joined him on the show, that he planned to give the reins of his account.

“I have a Twitter account and will have Nick and Alex tweet from my account today,” Ye said, according to The Independent.

Fuentes, who was banned from the site in 2021, added, “I find it a bit hypocritical that Elon Musk said he bought Twitter to create an environment of freedom of speech.”

According to The Daily Beast, Fuentes recently created a new account, ostensibly under Musk’s leadership, hoping to return to Twitter, but was promptly kicked off the site again.

Twitter did not immediately return a request for comment on whether Jones would be allowed to tweet from Ye’s account.

Ye’s appearance on Thursday ignited a firestorm after defending Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and making other antisemitic comments. Earlier this year, she was temporarily removed from Twitter for antisemitic posts. Musk has been friendly to the rapper since he returned to the platform last month, liking a controversial tweet from his account that read “shallom”.

After Thursday’s interview, the clips of which were shared widely on Twitter and widely covered in the media, Musk said: replied Ye from “I love the first change! Long live Eat! I pray to Jesus that Elon is real.”

Musk did not accept the rapper’s comments on Hitler, instead writing a cryptic message: “Jesus taught love, kindness, and forgiveness. I used to think it was weak and stupid to turn the other cheek, but I was stupid for not appreciating his profound wisdom.”

Twitter’s new policies on content moderation and reversing bans have so far seemed to be at Musk’s whim. A few days after completing the Twitter acquisition, Musk made a commitment to convene a “content moderation council” before reinstating banned accounts. Instead, Musk began restoring accounts after posting surveys on his personal account.

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